Alticast helps deliver Thailand’s first 4K UHD channel

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
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Alticast’s AltiPlatform™ helps deliver Thailand’s first 4K UHD Channel

SEOUL, South Korea — Alticast today announced that its future-proven software platform, AltiPlatform, was instrumental in launching Thailand’s first 4K UHD channel with TrueVisions, a leading Thailand cable and satellite operator.

TrueVisions and Alticast formed a two-month partnership in March 2018 to begin the rollout of 4K UHD service. With a goal to capitalize on the World Cup held in Russia in June, flexibility and a quick time-to-market were key. The foundation of Alticast’s end-to-end portfolio, AltiPlatform’s turnkey, web-based interface allowed for efficient integration with TrueVisions’ backend system software and 3rd party applications. Serving as the middleware of TrueVisions’ 4K set-top box, it offers an advanced, high-quality system allowing for future enhancements and adaptability.

The new media service platform, capable of transmitting UHD for both cable and DTH, rolled out on June 24 on Channel 400 with no reported complications in service since initial airing. The project signified the synchronization of TrueVisions’s technical leadership and Alticast’s technological capabilities to produce a high-quality service platform with an advanced UX.

“AltiPlatform is known for its flexibility, which was key to bringing 4K UHD service to Thailand,” Dosa Park, Head of Media Business Division explained. “With its ability to run on different platforms, we were able to quickly implement its features in the two-and-a-half-month time frame we were given. In addition to its flexibility, AltiPlatform’s ability to deliver a graphically-rich viewing experience will help maximize subscriber engagement while increasing TrueVisions’ monetization.”

“4K UHD is the future of broadcasting and to be able to deliver a global event like the World Cup in high resolution is monumental,” said Sueksith Cholasuek, Director, Head of Commercial CATV, TrueVisions Group. “Alticast and our other technology partners have helped us create the technical foundation to bring next-gen broadcast to our subscribers. We look forward to expanding this service in the future.”

TrueVisions’ 4K service is currently being offered to their Gold and Platinum subscribers with 15 – 20,000 4K set-top boxes ordered in anticipation of subscriber demand. They plan to enhance their next-gen services with the rollout of more UHD content and channels and due to AltiPlatform’s flexibility, Alticast will continue to upgrade and enhance its capabilities according to TrueVisions’ service roadmap.