RCN rolls out TiVo experience with voice remote control

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
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RCN Rolls Out Advanced TiVo Experience with Voice Remote Control Options

  • Award-winning cable and high-speed internet provider now offers customers a new robust, personalized platform for searching and streaming content

PRINCETON, New Jersey — RCN, an award-winning provider of high-speed internet, digital TV and phone services, has announced the availability of its new TiVo interface, featuring numerous updates to the platform to create an elevated, yet simplified and familiar, user experience. Customers can now enjoy enhanced capabilities including a voice command remote control, tailored viewing recommendations, and lightning-fast content navigation, among other innovative features.

“The popularity of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have kick-started and fueled the rapid adoption of voice control capabilities that aid consumers in enhancing the entertainment experience. Globally, voice control is vying to become the primary user interface for the smart home and connected lifestyle in the next 5 years. As our customers continue to seek new and innovative features and voice control services, RCN remains dedicated to providing immersive advanced viewing and streaming capabilities for all customers, from movie lovers to sports fans alike,” said Chris Fenger, COO of RCN. “With this new predictive interface and voice remote, customers can navigate content in the blink of an eye, across multiple platforms and streaming services.”

The new advanced TiVo platform provides RCN customers with a robust and intuitive experience searching through content quickly and easily. Several enhancements have been incorporated into the updated offering, including start-over capabilities, spot-on recommendations and predictions, MyShows that now displays all recordings and streaming videos in one location, TrickPlay™, which allows customers to jump past commercials instantly while recording live TV or a watching a DVR recording, a new “SmartBar” navigation, and a customizable home screen.

Customers in Lehigh Valley, PA, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, interested in subscribing should contact RCN directly to explore available packages and availability. RCN plans to roll out the new TiVo experience in its Chicago and Washington D.C. markets by the end of summer. Additional information on RCN’s Advanced TiVo Experience can be found online or by calling 1-800-RING-RCN (1-800-746-4726)

RCN’s network delivers ultra-high-speed internet, Netflix, Hulu and HBOGO on TiVo, personalized video options and more – all accompanied by the very best customer service and the availability of internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit. RCN is a three time winner of PCMag’s “Readers’ Choice Award for Best ISP” due to its high ratings in satisfaction, reliability and technical support. In 2018, RCN was ranked fastest ISP in the Northeast.