KCTV selects Alticast to upgrade TV on Korea's JeJu Island

Thursday, February 21st, 2019
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Alticast and KCTV Jeju Unveil Upgraded System that Delivers Customized Media Experiences to its Subscribers and Hotel Customers

SEOUL, South Korea — Alticast, an end-to-end media technology provider, and KCTV JeJu, a South Korean cable operator servicing JeJu Island, announced today that they have joined forces to provide KCTV Jeju’s subscribers with an upgraded user experience and deliver in-room entertainment services to large hotel chains on Jeju Island. The enhanced service will entertain hotel guests with Apex’s™ “Hospitality Service,” and will be based on Cloud UI technology from Alticast’s solution.

The image-based technology will empower KCTV Jeju’s web-based services and will offer the following benefits:

  • flexibility in service management for different hotels within a consolidated management portal system;
  • quick service updates and efficient service operation from the Cloud UI technology;
  • integration of the hotel PMS (Property Management System) to provide various customer services.

In addition to Apex, the foundation of Alticast’s end-to-end portfolio, AltiPlatform™ serves as the middleware component for this solution and upgrades the user experience for efficient content discovery and promotion. AltiPlex™ SDP is integrated into the solution and supplies all of the content curation and promotion while AltiProtect™ secures UHD content. This consolidated solution will power KCTV Jeju’s new Android-based UHD set-top boxes as well as provide an upgrade to their legacy boxes, giving KCTV Jeju a simplified management system of operations for their overall Pay TV service.

“It was important to KCTV Jeju to improve on their existing services while offering capabilities that will help them to capitalize on the increased tourist traffic to the island,” said Dosa Park, Head of Alticast’s Media Business Division. “Our flexible solution allows for UI personalization for a specific user group–-subscribers living on the island or a tourist visiting the island – and does so in a way that controls operational expenses while increasing revenue.”

“We are excited to enhance our existing infrastructure to offer high-quality, premium service to our subscribers, with optimized and personalized user experiences,” said Dongwoo Kang, CTO, KCTV Jeju. “We were able to answer our hotel customers’ demands and help them to provide their guests with an upgraded media experience, helping to set them apart from their competition.”