Telenet introduces STB with voice control, Netflix and YouTube integration

Thursday, April 25th, 2019
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Telenet introduces new decoder with voice control, Netflix and YouTube integration

Telenet today launches the gradual rollout of its latest type of decoder. The main new features are voice remote control, cloud storage of recorded programs, and integration of Netflix and YouTube.

Telenet TV STB

The Telenet TV box was installed at 20,000 homes in a test phase that started in August last year. From today it will be gradually rolled out further. The TV box has a totally revamped look & feel, and includes several innovative features.

The remote control has a voice feature that lets you use it as a microphone to operate your decoder. All you have to do is press the voice button and enter a command or search term such as ‘VIER’, or ‘Brad Pitt’. The TV box will display the search results or zap to the chosen channel. Since the remote control uses a different technical method to communicate with the decoder (by radio instead of infrared), you can now also place the box in a cupboard.

Recorded programs are now stored in the cloud instead of on a built-in hard disk. This means that they are not lost when the customer needs a new decoder. The integration of apps also lets you watch Netflix or YouTube over the box without requiring Apple TV or Chromecast. The box also supports 4K and HDR.

The TV box comes with a new application and website. The built-in casting option allows you to simply transmit all the content of the app to a second TV set. This increasingly dispenses with the need for a second decoder: you can simply view live and watch all recorded programs on a second large screen by casting from the app or website.

The present decoder with its accompanying Yelo Play app and website will continue to exist alongside the new box, since the two decoders run on different operating systems. This also means that it is not possible to have a mix of the two types in one household. Telenet will continue to invest in both systems. Customers with the current decoder will keep getting regular updates for their product.

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