AminoTV deployed on multi-tenant platform at DELTA and Caiway

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
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Caiway and DELTA AminoTV services integration

Amino, the global provider of media and entertainment technology solutions to network operators, announces its first deployment of AminoTV on a multi-tenant platform at Dutch cable and internet service providers DELTA and Caiway. This follows the acquisition of the two providers by Swedish private equity group EQT and their subsequent merger into DELTA Fiber Netherlands B.V.

DELTA and Caiway will continue to operate as separate brands but with an integrated pay-TV operation through AminoTV’s end-to-end multiscreen video platform. Each brand will be able to offer a unique, integrated and unified user interface while benefiting from a common, modular backend. The roll-out has already started and will continue throughout 2019.

Amino’s multi-tenanted AminoTV solution provides IPTV over multicast and over-the-top (OTT) over fibre, to support multiscreen services that include linear broadcast, as well as pause, restart, catch-up and network digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities. This deployment also includes the AminoOS Service Assurance solution which provides operators with flexible management tools to proactively support and improve the quality of service and customer experience.

Amino has already been working closely with DELTA, which operates mainly in the southwest of the Netherlands, to enable delivery of a range of advanced multiscreen features and user experience improvements.

Donald McGarva, Amino Chief Executive Officer, said: “The DELTA transformation project, delivering modern TV experiences for all its subscribers, has proven to be highly successful – gaining new customers and driving net promoter scores that rank with the industry best. We now look forward to replicating this success with Caiway and are pleased to share our knowledge and experience in deploying a smart, cost-effective solution that’s right for both brands.”

“Helping operators such as DELTA and Caiway future-proof their operations is central to what we do at Amino. Working closely with TV operators of all types to deliver complex cable-to-IP transformation solutions as we all move toward an all-IP future is critical to business success for both our company and our clients.”

John Wittekamp, DELTA Caiway CTO at DELTA Fiber Netherlands, said: “In enabling us to bring both services onto a single unified backend platform, Amino helps us to boost our efficiencies and provide all our subscribers with an advanced, modern TV service. We can deliver live, on-demand and cloud PVR capabilities through a TV platform that enables us to provide a user-friendly and highly personalized customer experience.”