Asia Pacific: 250m digital TV Homes by 2013

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Pay TV and advertising revenues receive boost from ‘digital dividend’

New research from Informa Telecoms & Media shows that more than a third of TV homes in the Asia Pacific region will receive digital signals in 2013, up from just 13% at the end of 2007. The 12th edition of Informa’s Asia Pacific TV report shows that China overtook Japan as the biggest digital market during 2007 and will continue to increase in importance by accounting for more than half of the regions digital total by 2013.

Adam Thomas, author of the report, said: “China’s sheer size makes it the regions most eye-catching market, but there has been progress pretty much everywhere. At the end of last year the region had 75 million homes receiving digital signals. This is more than ten-times the 2001 figure and paves the way for even greater expansion over the next five years. Informa expects the number of digital homes to be approaching 250 million by 2013.”

                             % of                % of
                   2007     total      2013     total
                 ------     -----   -------     -----
China            27,324      36.4   123,330      50.1
India            11,743      15.7    40,844      16.6
Japan            19,893      26.5    35,741      14.5
Rest of region   16,023      21.4    46,439      18.9
                 ------     -----   -------     -----
  Total          74,983       100   246,354       100

Asia Pacific TV (12th edition) forecasts that the Asia Pacific region will boast 676 million TV households by 2013, an increase of 229 million since 1995. Thomas said: “With pay TV generating almost $50 billion and TV advertising worth a further $70 billion, the prospects for reward from the regions TV business are impressive by anyone’s standards.”

The 400-page report Asia Pacific TV (12th edition) is published by Informa Telecoms & Media. It analyses the regions top 14 markets in-depth. Informa produces several media business magazines and publications, including AsiaCom, Television Business International, New Media Markets and TV International.

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