Discovery partners with Inscape for TV audience measurement

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
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Discovery Partners With Inscape To Drive Next-Generation Measurement Capabilities

NEW YORK, NY — Discovery, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) today announced a strategic partnership with Inscape, the leading provider of Smart TV viewing data and a subsidiary of VIZIO, to enhance TV measurement across the media company’s TV footprint in the U.S. Inscape’s next-generation capabilities will add to Discovery’s expanding set of advanced measurement products and tools.

The partnership enables Discovery to utilize screen-verified, opt-in viewing data from more than 12 million Smart TVs in the U.S. for a variety of measurement and campaign optimization use cases, including enhanced ratings, holistic cross-platform audience insights, and tune-in measurement.

“With new players, new data sets and new companies truly committed to innovating, Discovery believes the time is right to rearchitect media measurement and currency around new players in the industry and unlock value for our partners,” said David Leavy, Chief Corporate Operating Officer, Discovery, Inc. “Inscape is one of the most dynamic companies in the space, and we are excited to be their partner and leverage their real time approach to audience segmentation, viewing measurement, consumer behavior and more. The current approach is too inefficient, and we believe with Inscape and all of our efforts across media measurement, we can reimagine how audience measurement is captured and sold across the new products and platforms of the future and create more value overall.

“We’re excited to deepen our relationship with Discovery and look forward to partnering with them on innovations that move their business and the entire industry forward,” said Jodie McAfee, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Inscape.

Enhanced Ratings

Discovery will use the largest single source of Automated Content Recognition (ACR) data in the United States to supplement its panel-based Nielsen data across all DMAs. The second-by-second, near real-time data will provide Discovery with a fast and reliable way to understand viewing trends. When ACR data is combined with other data sets, it can provide unparalleled insight into the various audience segments who are viewing Discovery content and who are exposed to its advertisers.

Holistic Cross Platform Audience Insights

Using near real-time household viewing data, Discovery will gain the ability to better understand the behaviors of its viewing audience across its TV Everywhere (TVE), VOD and linear environments and how exposure to content on one platform may lead to viewing on another. This conversion analysis will help the media company better understand viewer journeys across platforms and develop advertising opportunities.

Tune-In Measurement and Campaign Optimization

Integration of Inscape data will also be used to understand how show promos drive tune-in across all viewing environments. Discovery can use this capability for in-flight campaign optimization that ensures smarter, more efficient use of advertising time to realize cost savings and unlock net new earnings across its platforms. For instance, in conjunction with the recent launch of Discovery’s DTC product initiative, Food Network Kitchen, Inscape data will be used to help with attribution models developed by the media company.

Discovery is an active part of the consortium Project OAR, where it works closely with Inscape, VIZIO, and leading media companies and agencies on establishing addressable advertising standards for connected TVs.