Sisvel becomes DVB-S2 patent pool administrator

Thursday, April 30th, 2020
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Sisvel Becomes The Administrator Of The DVB-S2 Patent Pool

NONE TORINESE — The family of DVB programs administered by Sisvel keeps growing, thanks to the addition of the DVB-S2 patent pool.

The program previously managed by S2 Licensing, is now part of Sisvel’s license offerings related to the video technology field.

The DVB-S2 patent pool offers a fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory access to patents owned by AT&T Intellectual Property, LLC, RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A. and The European Space Agency (ESA) that have been determined to be essential for implementing DVB-S2, the digital satellite transmission system standard as defined in ETSI EN 302 307 part 1.

“We are glad to have the DVB-S2 patent pool among our licensing programs” said Davide Ferri, CEO of Sisvel Spa and Sisvel Technology. “Together with the DVB-S2X pool, Sisvel can now act as the reference point for this technology in the market, making the patents under DVB-S2 and the DVB-S2X standard (ETSI 302 307 Part 1 and 2 respectively) more easily accessible for the benefit of both licensors and licensees”.