Sisvel adds nine members to its VP9 and AV1 licensing platform

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
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Sisvel announces nine new members to its Video Coding Licensing Platform

LUXEMBOURG — Sisvel International S.A. announced today nine new members to its Video Coding Licensing Platform, bringing the total number of technology companies participating to 14.

The platform, which launched in March 2019, includes two, separately offered licensing programs for patents relevant to the VP9 and AV1 video coding formats.

New member companies span industries including telecommunications, audio and video, R&D institutes and more:

  • Dolby
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
  • Ericsson
  • GE
  • InterDigital
  • IP Bridge
  • NTT Docomo
  • SK Telecom
  • Xylene*

“Today’s announcement marks a tremendous moment for patent pools, patent owners and implementers,” said Mattia Fogliacco, CEO of Sisvel. “Throughout its history, Sisvel has consistently promoted sensible patent pools and IP policies that are fair to implementers and innovators alike, and we are proud to offer a new suite of technology in a transparent, consolidated platform for companies looking to license and implement VP9 and AV1 technology.”

Companies participating in these pools have played pivotal roles in defining video coding technologies. Existing members of these Sisvel licensing programs include:

  • NTT
  • Orange
  • Philips
  • Toshiba Business Expert Corporation

With the new members the VP9 program now has a total of twelve patent owners and the AV1 program has fourteen. Sisvel also released today an initial list of patents — more than 650 for VP9 and over 1,050 for AV1 that are offered for license. Hundreds of patents have been evaluated by independent accredited third parties, appointed by Sisvel and the Patent Owners, confirming their use when implementing those respective technologies. Once the evaluation process for the patents identified to-date is complete, also accounting for the number of patents currently pending third-party evaluation, Sisvel expects to reach a total portfolio offered for license of around 1000 patents for VP9 and nearly 2000 for AV1.

“The ability to easily access and leverage existing innovations is critical our modern economy,” said Bowman Heiden, Co-Director of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP). “Patent pools provide an efficient mechanism for innovations to reach consumers around the globe, encourage new investments in research, and promote a universal standard for collaboration.”

* Patents held by Xylene S.A. are patents previously held by Mitsubishi Electric Corp.