i-Vision China - First To Release CMMB Mobile Multimedia Player on MIDs

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

BEIJING — On July 23, at the China SARFT CMMB Administrative Bureau press conference held with Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) and mobile device manufacturers at the China World Hotel, i-Vision demonstrated its latest CMMB device software and the various interactive TV applications it supports on MIDs, Netbooks and UMPCs.

A Beijing-based company, i-Vision has focused on developing personal mobile digital TV solutions and innovative interactive TV applications, and has actively participated in the development of China’s mobile multimedia standards with the authorities. The Company’s MoTi-MoTi™ System is an end-to-end and physical layer standard-agnostic mobile TV operation platform that connects mobile broadcast with the telecommunication networks, and is compliant with CMMB, streaming TV and major mobile TV formats. The core systems of MoTi-MoTi™, including iGuide – the ESG system, iCMS – the channel management system, CrossAd – the cross network interactive application system, iBilling – the operation management system, and i-Vision Player – the client side multimedia player, work together to enable mobile TV operators and service providers to offer a rich, interactive and personalized mobile TV experience to the users.

At the press conference, i-Vision partners with Intel to present the first Linux based commercial level CMMB multimedia player on Aigo’s and Lenovo’s newly launched mobile Internet devices (MIDs). The Company also demonstrated various interactive TV applications supported by i-Vision Player on devices including UMPCs and Netbooks. Users can choose between services including live broadcast TV channels, program guide, video-on-demands, video recording, video community and interactive TV information browsing.

The launch of i-Vision’s CMMB Player on new mobile devices is part of the Company’s continuous effort to establish a new media platform that is cross-technology standards and cross-networks, and bring a new personal mobile TV experience to China’s users.