ironSource Aura releases pay TV engagement solution

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020
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ironSource Aura Releases Smart TV Engagement Solution for Mobile Operators and Pay TV Providers

  • The unique technology optimizes the connected TV experience for subscribers and generates new revenue streams for mobile carriers and television service providers

SAN FRANCISCO — ironSource Aura, the leading engagement platform for mobile carriers and OEMs, announced today its new customer engagement solution for Pay TV providers. Aura’s industry-first solution allows next-generation media companies to dynamically enhance their existing Android TV set top boxes, and then bridge their TV and mobile technology to reach users in an effective way across all of their screens. The unique solution transforms the TV experience, empowering users to customize their TVs with their preferred content and services during the initial setup process, and throughout the lifetime of their Pay TV subscription. By doing so, it provides Pay TV providers with premium, ongoing engagement opportunities with their subscribers, enabling them to elevate their brand and generate new and new recurring continuous revenue streams.

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“As leading telcos expand 5G, they’ll become serious players in the home internet space, and are likely to bundle the service with their paid TV and mobile connectivity services,” explains Sagi Benbasat, GM and CTO of Aura, ironSource. “Our mission is to empower our telco partners with a cross-platform solution for these services, where they can engage with a customer across all of their screens. What’s more, they’ll be able to connect the consumer’s big screen with their mobile device – be it Android or iOS – for cross screen engagement and a richer user experience.”

Currently, set-top box experiences are static, with limited opportunities for carriers to interact with their users and the content they consume, once the box or service has been shipped from the factory. With the competition for Pay TV fierce in all major markets globally, standing out and offering a solution that adds value for the customer is key. Aura’s new solution creates an opportunity for Pay TV providers to utilize various touch points and opportunities throughout a user’s TV journey, to recommend channels and content, and display interactive ads and offers to their users, generating more choice for the customer and incremental revenue for themselves. These additional engagement points help the provider stand out from the competition, increasing brand loyalty with customers and capturing more market share.

“We’ve developed a solution that combines Aura’s proven strength in content distribution and engagement with Pay TV providers’ needs,” explains Benbasat. “We see this as a three-pronged approach – to utilize Aura’s existing technology that’s been successfully deployed on millions of phone mobile phones for over 5 years and bring it to Pay TV providers; to provide them with unique solutions for the TV environment that match their needs; and to connect the consumer’s big screen with their mobile device for an enhanced user experience.”

The solution works by leveraging traditional Aura touchpoints from the mobile device experience, such as an intelligent preload combined with contextual notifications to maximize content exposure, and an Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) which is integrated into the TV’s setup wizard and allows users to easily customize their TVs with their preferred apps during the initial setup process.

Additionally, there are numerous features developed specifically for the TV environment, such as the ability for a provider to customize their channels and services to promote owned and operated and promoted content, as well as interactive screensavers that can be fully customized by the partner and configured by the device owner, promoting further engagement. When it comes to marrying the users’ devices, Aura’s smart connect functionality allows a user to easily connect their phone with the TV and enjoy new content and games using their phones, making the experience more interactive and keeping users engaged. This could include playing games on their TV while using their phones as a gamepad, or discovering new content on their TV and transferring it to their phone in a simple click.