Amino launches Amigo 7XC converging cable and OTT on Android TV

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020
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AminoOS powered Amigo 7XC launched to converge cable and OTT services on Android TV

  • The new hybrid AminoOS powered Android TV set-top box enables cable operators to quickly launch exceptional TV and OTT experiences cost-effectively, enjoy upgrades in interactivity and network efficiency and distribute video services in UHD and HDR at scale

CAMBRIDGE — Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, today launches the AminoOS powered Amigo 7XC, a solution that utilizes the power and flexibility of Amino software to provide next-generation services that converge OTT and Cable on Android TV. AminoOS provides cable operators running DVB-C or hybrid DVB-C/T networks with a cost-optimized route to delivering ultra-HD (UHD) and high-dynamic-range (HDR) content over IP on converged networks. AminoOS also gives cable operators running QAM and DVB-C a cost-effective route to benefit from the network efficiencies of migrating to IP.

Amino Amigo 7XC Android TV STB

“IP content services are incredibly popular globally, due to IP providing consumers with greater choice, flexibility and innovation in the user experience,” commented Donald McGarva, Group CEO, Amino. “For several years, we have utilized our expertise and experience in IP video to help traditional broadcast operators fight back by merging OTT services with terrestrial, IPTV and satellite services. Our new hybrid Amigo 7XC device enables cable operators to control HDMI-1, seamlessly providing merged IP and cable services without the consumer needing to change input. This enables operators and consumers with a ‘best of both world’s’ approach, combining a modern Android TV experience with the QoS advantage of a managed TV network.”

Cable operators that run additional networks, such as OTT and IPTV, face increased OPEX, branding and ease-of-use issues. The Amigo 7XC solution solves these issues by providing a modern Android TV user experience for accessing linear or streaming content over hybrid networks, merging cable, multicast IPTV and OTT content with a single program guide and modern UX.

AminoOS helps operators to bridge the gap between existing technologies needed for linear video delivery, and those need to support streaming delivery of Google Play Store video apps, including YouTube. AminoOS efficiently converges services delivered over hybrid networks so that cable operators can maximize the value of existing capital and infrastructure investment, while benefiting from the Android TV Operator Tier environment.

While Android TV succeeds in providing operators with a platform with many OTT apps and services, it was not designed to integrate linear channels or include all the functionality required to make a video service successful. AminoOS fills these gaps through:

  • Support for a wide variety of delivery protocols, codecs and transmission requirements
  • Integration with all popular flavours of DRM and CAS
  • Simplifying the Android TV certification process
  • Certifying the integration of premium OTT apps, including Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+
  • Enabling services such as time-shifted TV and PVR as well as OTT apps
  • Integrating of AminoOS with Amino SM Engage, Amino’s cloud-based management software, simplifies the operators’ activation, updating, and monitoring of the Amino 7XC devices as well as enabling centralized updates of Android TV or other apps

McGarva concludes: “This is an exciting time for the Android TV Operator Tier and the numbers show that take up is accelerating. We look forward to helping cable operators to harness the benefits of IP delivery and Android TV to expand their TV offering with advanced services, great QoS and a slick modern user interface.”