Wiztivi makes voice control accessible for operators

Thursday, January 28th, 2021
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Wiztivi makes voice control accessible for all operators

PARIS, France — Wiztivi now offers a unique solution allowing operators, media and OTT players to easily integrate voice control into their user interface.

Voice assistants are still relatively new, but they have great potential and numerous possible applications. Suppliers are expanding their offering at breakneck speed and the end user is now becoming more and more familiar with voice control systems.

With its partner Sagemcom, Wiztivi has enabled Vodafone and SFR to create a unique TV experience with high-end smart speakers. It provides a wraparound sound experience and the user can enjoy sound quality to match the picture quality TVs offer.

In addition, Wiztivi seamlessly integrates Alexa (Amazon), Google Home (Google) or proprietary voice control systems. The interactions are integrated and clearly notify the user, without interrupting the TV experience: depending on the type of request, the responses are either displayed on the television screen or the expected action is immediately executed. The commands can therefore be varied, such as “What’s the weather forecast?”, “Fast forward the video ten minutes”, or even “Who is the new President of the United States?”.

The key point of our solution is to hide the complexity of the technology itself, while allowing the end users to get the most out of it as easily as possible. The main benefit is to make the user experience easy to understand, intuitive and useful at all times.

From the provider’s perspective, the possibilities are endless: device pairing, skills activation, command request and display in an unintrusive way, navigation on the TV menu using the voice, pairing a Spotify account directly or from a mobile, managing interruption during a phone call… Thanks to the proper integration of the voice assistant, many potential uses can become reality to provide the best customer service on the market.

Wiztivi is getting ready to support its customers in setting up this solution. To go further and build your own voice control experience, feel free to contact us.