OTT NOW! from Stoneroos powers SportsTribal

Thursday, March 4th, 2021
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SportsTribal launches with OTT NOW!

  • SportsTribal TV – The first free, ad-supported sports streaming TV service

SportsTribal TV is the new free, ad-supported streaming TV service (FAST) specializing 100% in sports-themed content. The new free-to-air sports streaming TV service hosts a wide selection of 24/7 linear sports channels not available on traditional pay-tv operators. The new OTT service gives under represented sports, rights owners and sports media companies the ability to ‘go direct’ to their fans on a daily basis to engage and entertain whilst earning valuable new advertising revenues.

Stoneroos’s white-label OTT NOW! offers content owners and content aggregators without any front-end development skills and without any OTT knowledge or distribution capability a complete set of digital products to present their video content to its audience.

By using Stoneroos’s white-label OTT NOW! front-end solutions SportsTribal TV has ensured a fast time-2-market which has resulted in the launch of the service across mobiles, tablets and web and soon connected TV’s. The decision by SportsTribal TV to use OTT NOW! follows a large number of successful deployments of the OTT NOW! solution for companies like Swiss-based Sunrise, T-Mobile Netherlands, Delta and Caiway.

“It was vitally important for SportsTribal TV to look and feel exactly the same as any other linear pay-tv service which is why we chose OTT NOW!.” says Frank Bowe, CEO and Founder. “Using the Stoneroos OTT NOW! solution we were able to design and build our ad-supported sports operator TV service very quickly using OTT NOW! future-proof apps which we are now rolling out across all connected devices in the coming year across Europe.” Frank added.

“We are very pleased that SportsTribal has chosen OTT NOW! for the roll-out of its 24/7 linear ad-supported streaming service. SportsTribal TV is a great example of where the OTT TV market is heading. The OTT NOW! products will help SportsTribal to extend audience reach, create the next generation TV experience and deliver a consistent UX across multiple platforms.” said Annelies Kaptein, CEO of Stoneroos.

OTT NOW! UI is fully customizable to be consistent and seamless with SportsTribal brand experience across all devices and platforms so SportsTribal TV retains its own unique identity within the free, ad-supported sports streaming TV marketplace.

The OTTNOW! Framework can be easily integrated and connected with 3rd party streaming platforms and tools like software of other technical SportsTribal partners such as Red Bee Media and Nowtilus. This provides the technical foundation for achieving business goals and future milestones for SportsTribal.

By making use of the OTT NOW! apps the UI is optimised for each device. Stoneroos’s technical knowledge combined with the experience gained in the past by creating dozens of ITV and EPG products, resulted in a consistent and seamless sports TV experience on any device.