XroadMedia powers search and recommendations at Delta Fiber Nederland

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021
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Delta partners with XroadMedia to bring content discovery and personalization to its TV users

The NETHERLANDS / AUSTRIA — Delta Fiber Nederland (DFN), one of the leading internet and TV service providers in the Netherlands, partners with XroadMedia, leading specialists in building innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and recommendations solutions, to enable search, recommendations and personalization for their customers of their Delta and Caiway IPTV services.

About the Delta service …

  • DFN operates nation-wide and offers two consumer brands DELTA and Caiway
  • Both brands offer a full IPTV ecosystem with multiple set-top-box and mobile clients
  • Customers experience first class viewership with DFN’s IPTV solutions

As a result of this partnership, DFN is using XroadMedia’s innovative content discovery, recommendations and personalization back-end solution, Ncanto, which initially enables DFN to deliver search and recommendation services to their users. Furthermore, DFN is able to optimize the monetization of its content and services with the help of Piloto, XroadMedia’s advanced business and service management tool. With the rollout of Ncanto for DFN, DFN and XroadMedia are working on implementations of new and innovative content discovery use cases to deliver a truly personal user experience to their users.

“Ncanto is acting as an abstraction layer between our IPTV backend and clients, which takes away overhead traffic. Ncanto also provides advanced features for end users that are expected for state-of-the-art IPTV and video services. XroadMedia’s solution required very little integration and provides ease of use and stability during operations”, says Bart Smeels, Manager Platforms and Systems of Delta Fiber Nederland.

Adolf Proidl, Co-Founder and CEO of XroadMedia, adds, “Our partnership with Delta is just at the beginning, but has already shown great success. Together we were able to integrate first recommendation use cases within just a couple of weeks and now we are gradually phasing in new features and functionalities towards a personal TV user experience. It is great fun and exciting to be part of Delta’s quick growing service in the Netherlands and to help them to fulfil their aspirations of an innovative and personal TV service.”

XroadMedia is delivering its products and services via the existing pre-integrations of Ncanto into Amino’s Smart Video back-end and Stoneroos’ OTT NOW front-end solutions.