Stoneroos improves set-top box UI for Delta and Caiway

Thursday, April 15th, 2021
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Stoneroos delivers fully improved set-top box UI for Delta and Caiway

Together with Delta – which is rated as the best Dutch provider of 2020 – Stoneroos is constantly striving for improvements of their TV product. As the outcome of this, Stoneroos is happy to announce a fully improved set-top box user experience for DELTA and Caiway, the operating brands from the leading internet, TV and telephony provider DELTA Fiber Netherlands.

toneroos - Delta-Caiway TV guide choice

The UI improvements – which are mainly ‘under the hood’ – result in an average of a 50% faster performance. With the icing on the cake: the end user now has a complete freedom of choice and can choose between two TV guides, a List view or a Grid view.

Stoneroos has used its white-label OTT NOW! product, which is completely optimized for the DELTA and Caiway TV product. The OTT NOW! framework consist of front-end clients and a proxy. This setup – which is fully hosted in the cloud – contributes to the robustness, reliability and flexibility and improves the speed and responsiveness of the user interfaces. It also makes life easier when it comes to maintenance and release management.

Links: Stoneroos; DELTA Fiber