Dominant share for MediaTek in smart speaker market

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021
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Strategy Analytics: MediaTek Establishes Dominant Share of Global Smart Speaker Market

BOSTON — Apps processors developed by global semiconductor company MediaTek were used in nearly 50% of the 151 million smart speakers and smart displays to be sold worldwide in 2020 according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics’ Smart Speakers and Screens service. MediaTek increased its share by six percentage points in 2020 and it has more than doubled its market share over the past two years. Synaptics was the second largest player in 2020 followed by Allwinner and Amlogic. Synaptics has become a major player in the smart speaker business following its acquisition of Marvell’s Multimedia Solutions unit in 2017 and the report forecasts that the company will enjoy the largest market share gain during 2021. The top five apps processor vendors supplied the processor chipsets for 87% of all smart speakers sold in 2020.

Smart Speaker and Smart Display Apps Processor Shipments Share - Mediatek, Synaptics, Allwinner, Amlogic, Apple, Qualcomm, Others - 2020

“MediaTek has built up a strong presence across a diverse set of industry verticals including in the smart home” says Chirag Upadhyay, Senior Analyst, Intelligent Home group. “The company’s impressive scale and deep ties with Taiwanese foundries have made it an ideal partner for many of the world’s leading smart speaker OEMs.”

“These are challenging times for the semiconductor supply chain as the COVID 19 pandemic has exposed widespread capacity constraints and shortages. Few, if any, semiconductor companies are meeting customer demand currently and such issues are likely to persist for a few months yet,” comments David Watkins, Director, Intelligent Home. “Companies such as MediaTek, that can boast scale and have deep-rooted partnerships with back-end vendors and fabrication plants, are typically able to navigate supply chain challenges better than their smaller rivals. This should benefit smart speaker vendors such as Amazon, Alibaba and Baidu, all of whom use MediaTek processors in a high proportion of their devices.”