ORS launches hybrid Smart TV apps powered by 3SS

Thursday, May 20th, 2021
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ORS Launches Pioneering Seamless Hybrid DVB+OTT Smart TV Apps Powered by 3SS

  • Three new simpliTV smart TV apps created and enabled by 3SS for Austria’s national broadcasting services provider ORS have gone live
  • Seamless hybrid DVB-T2/DVB-S2+OTT viewing, with dynamically optimized bandwidth efficiency and video QoE, now enabled on Samsung Tizen and Android TV smart TVs in customized UX based on award-winning 3READY Product Framework
  • Unified access to both DVB Live TV & OTT content within new simpliTV experience on Samsung TVs – successfully overcoming technical complexities in deep tuner-level integration – while OTT viewing is available on LG webOS smart TVs
  • simpliTV app comes pre-loaded as designated preferred Live TV application in 2021 Samsung smart TVs sold in Austria
  • 3SS-devised UX meets expectations of ‘classic TV’ viewers and streaming fans alike, with two new hybrid set-top boxes (satellite+OTT and terrestrial+OTT) coming soon

STUTTGART, Germany — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes (STB) and multiscreen entertainment announces that Austria’s national broadcasting services provider ORS has launched three smart TV apps, designed, engineered and delivered by 3SS, for its new simpliTV service.

ORS simpliTV screen

From a technical point of view, the biggest achievement in this project is the hybrid approach. Next-gen apps are now live and delivering an advanced big-screen UX via DVB-T2 (terrestrial), DVB-S2 (satellite) and OTT for Samsung Tizen and Android TV smart TV owners across Austria. These new apps enable seamless switching between DVB-T2 live TV to timeshift via streaming. As a result, for Samsung and Android TVs, the new 3SS-engineered app is the unified home of all three simpliTV services: simpliTV Antenne (ORS’ original over-the-air service launched in 2013), alongside simpliTV SAT and simpliTV Streaming. Both apps can automatically build channel line-ups displayed in the new UI in accordance with regional availability of over-the-air digital terrestrial services.

This innovative hybrid configuration also achieves ORS’ objectives to always provide best-quality viewing experience (QoE) and maximum internet bandwidth efficiency for subscribers. Both are achieved through dynamic offloading of live TV onto reliable broadcast technology.

The new simpliTV app is a preferred Live TV application on 2021 Samsung smart TVs sold in Austria. It auto-installs on initial TV set-up, effectively making the app pre-loaded, available out-of-the-box with no effort from the TV owner. The app also automatically installs on newly purchased 2019 and 2020 models. This was achieved through deep and complex technical integration between simpliTV and Samsung, in which the tuners of the TVs are accessed to accommodate traditional broadcast signals.

3SS has also developed a third simpliTV app to support OTT viewing on LG webOS smart TVs. The three new apps, all powered by 3SS’ multiple award winning 3READY Product Framework, are now downloadable from Samsung Apps, Google Play Store and LG Content Store.

ORS’ goal is that its new simpliTV smart TV experiences serve to complement its existing FireTV and web apps, and its apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.

“We needed to create a new way of watching TV to meet the ever-higher expectations of many of today’s consumers, including streaming enthusiasts; we wanted to broaden our audience in this way while continuing to embrace our many viewers who prefer a more traditional TV experience,” explains Thomas Langsenlehner, CEO of simpli services.

“It was important to us to enrich the classic, linear broadcast big-screen UX with innovative features that streaming technology brings, such as Catchup, Timeshift and Network PVR, and to deliver it all to viewers in one attractive, easy-to-navigate app,” Langsenlehner continued. The apps also feature mini-EPG, 7-day backwards EPG, Search and Continue Watching where user left off, even when switching devices.

ORS commissioned 3SS to design and develop a big-screen UX to meet the needs of viewers of classic TV and of streaming fans. The new apps therefore include a grid-view EPG, as well as a modern way of presenting content to viewers which encourages them to explore, with categories such as Recommended, Most Watched, Continue Watching, Genres, etc.

Following an earlier competitive tender, ORS selected 3SS to deliver the next-generation hybrid service, which 3SS announced in August 2020. 3SS has led design, development and integration for the ambitious project. Further information regarding deployment of new hybrid STBs and accompanying 3SS-enabled apps for DVB-S2 (satellite), DVB-T2 (terrestrial) and OTT will be announced.

simpli services has benefited from 3SS’ expertise and certification in modern agile development methodologies, including SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). SAFe is widely recognized for its ability to optimize time-to-market and deliver superior products, resulting from communicative and interactive workshops, concurrent work streams and regular incremental project update sessions. With SAFe, all stakeholders in a project know the status of objectives and exactly where they are in a granular roadmap of deliverables.

Proven 3READY Product Framework enables an ultra-intuitive and adaptive UI that delivers a captivating, unified experience. It is the heart of 3SS’ 3READY Entertainment Ecosystem, created to enable operators to launch superior experiences on all devices, co-create and deliver maximum value to their customers.

“We are extremely proud to help ORS deliver a next-gen big-screen viewing experience for Austria’s consumers,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, 3SS Managing Director.