ThinkAnalytics integrates Gracenote Personalized Imagery

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 
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ThinkAnalytics and Gracenote Make Visual Content Discovery Easy with New Turnkey Solution

  • Advanced Recommendations Algorithm Integrating New Differentiated Program Imagery Enables Video Service Providers to Deliver Highly Personalized User Experiences

LONDON, LA, and EMERYVILLE, Calif. — ThinkAnalytics, the leading global provider of content discovery and viewer insight solutions, and Gracenote, the leading entertainment metadata and content services company, are enabling TV providers to improve personalized video search and recommendations through a new solution that builds on each company’s core expertise. ThinkAnalytics’ powerful Personalized Images content recommendations algorithm built on advanced AI techniques and data science is integrated with Gracenote’s Personalized Imagery offering, which offers a differentiated set of images for each TV and movie title. With this combined offering, cable and satellite TV services and streaming platform customers have a new, easy-to-implement solution to optimize visual content merchandising and personalize the user experience.

This collaboration between ThinkAnalytics and Gracenote results in a powerful turnkey solution for video service providers to positively impact key consumption and engagement indicators. Independent testing of these targeted program images versus standard imagery has shown measurable increases in time spent watching content and number of titles watched.

Gracenote Personalized Imagery example

Gracenote’s Personalized Imagery solution delivers a differentiated set of program images representing distinct aspects of an entertainment title with each individual image tagged with relevant Gracenote Video Descriptors and Celebrity IDs. The rich Gracenote metadata associated with the imagery is used by ThinkAnalytics’ advanced AI and machine learning algorithms built into its powerful content discovery platform to help surface the optimal image to each viewer based on preferences and history.

“We have proved that viewers connect with content in different ways through visual images, which is a breakthrough for how service providers can recommend content via their UX – and keep viewers engaged,” said Peter Docherty, CTO of ThinkAnalytics. “We are excited to leverage Gracenote’s all-new sets of program imagery and associated metadata to bring the gold standard of personalized TV experiences to market.”

“Improving content discovery by making it more personal and visually driven holds the potential to help entertainment providers of all sizes move the needle on key business metrics,” said Simon Adams, Chief Product Officer, Gracenote. “We are thrilled to extend our long-running collaboration with ThinkAnalytics resulting in this new turnkey solution enabling customers to maximize engagement with content and viewership on their platforms.”

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