Credersi selected to provide global training to RDK community

Monday, September 13th, 2021 
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British Tech Firm Credersi Selected To Provide Global Training To RDK Community

  • RDK Open-Source Software Used To Power Video, Broadband And IoT Devices

A British tech training provider that is pioneering training courses in a virtual reality science and tech campus is providing global training for one of the fastest-growing software technologies in the world.

Manchester-headquartered Credersi, which was co-founded by CEO Andy Lord and tech angel Darren Coomer, will build and develop a unique global training programme for RDK. The training programme will include RDK for video, broadband, and cameras to train and certify technicians and corporations globally in the RDK software integration.

The company will use its “virtual-reality” tech and science campus to train and certify existing RDK software engineers, re-train software developers on RDK and upskill individuals who want to work in the RDK software community ecosystem.

RDK (Reference Design Kit) is the unique, open-source software platform technology that is used to standardise core functions of digital TV set top boxes, broadband gateways (modems/routers) and connected cameras around the world. By standardising these functions, service providers can develop and deploy applications and services independently of hardware platforms. RDK enables service providers to control their device diagnostics data, business models and apps to improve the customer experience and drive business results.

Andy Lord, CEO and Co-Founder of Credersi, said: “We are very proud and delighted to serve as a global training partner for RDK software technology and to be working with RDK and the developer community. We have developed the world’s first training programme uniquely for RDK technology, which will be conducted in our virtual reality science and tech campus.

“The RDK campus will train and certify engineers from beginners to experts on the RDK profiles of RDK-V (Video) RDK-B (Broadband) and RDK-C (Camera). Not only will the RDK engineers and students be able to learn about the software and become certified, but they can do this remotely by accessing our RDK virtual campus. This will enable us to train engineers in any part of the world.”

Credersi, one of Manchester’s tech learning disruptors, is at the forefront of incubating, training and developing the digital pioneers, codebreakers, vaccine developers, cyber defenders, software engineers and data scientists of the future.

The global set top box market was estimated at 256.2 million units in 2020* and is expected to expand by around 4% from 2021 to 2028. The market was valued at USD$ 23.5 Billion in 2021 and has a revenue forecast of USD$ 29.24 Billion by 2028. *Courtesy Grand View Research.

The RDK community comprises more than 500 companies, including CPE manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators and service providers. Globally, the number of RDK devices deployed is now more 80 million – and dozens of service providers across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia are in various stages of evaluation, testing, trials or deployment. RDK software is available at no cost to RDK licensees, and RDK community member companies can contribute software changes and enhancements back to the community.

Credersi will also provide Lightning™ training for the RDK community. The Lightning app development language and open-source SDK is used to create lightweight yet high-performance apps and UIs on set top boxes.

Jason Briggs, President and General Manager of RDK Management, said: “Credersi is recognised as an innovative technology training provider, and we are delighted to welcome Credersi into the RDK community to provide global training services. Their expertise and virtual campus will enable RDK to scale training and certification of engineers from any region across the globe and support the continued growth of RDK.”

The surge in demand has been driven by the growth of the internet, high-speed broadband and the desire by consumers to enjoy HD, UHD, 4K channels and on-demand media. RDK technology has played a pivotal role in the delivery of high-definition media content and connectivity. RDK-B (Broadband), RDK-C (Camera) and RDK-V (Video) all play a vital role in connecting and delivering memorable content through cable, telco, satellite, digital TV and on-demand services.

RDK is an open-source technology that allows the developer community to contribute with refinements and improvements to its channel. RDK now has its own unique community of developers, who provide valuable input into the global development of the software technology.

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