ZEE5 harnesses customer data insights with CSG

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 
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CSG Enhances ZEE5’s Data Ecosystem for Next Era of Personalized, Cross-Channel Entertainment Experiences

BRISBANE, Australia — CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) today announced a reinforced relationship with ZEE5, one of the largest over the top (OTT) streaming service platforms in India. With the power of CSG’s customer data platform, ZEE5 seamlessly integrates its customer data with a single, unified platform that takes a data-driven approach to create exceptional customer experiences. Easier and faster access to customer data worldwide generates comprehensive information mapping that provides ZEE5 with insights into customers’ content preferences. This in turn drives content decisions for ZEE5’s streaming service to build greater customer loyalty and increase new customer acquisition.

“The Indian OTT market is evolving into a multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry, with a growing appetite for the experiences OTT platforms offer,” said Ian Watterson, head of CSG’s Asia-Pacific business. “ZEE5 has over one million content options in more than 12 languages, making it a complex data landscape when it comes to volume, velocity and variety. CSG helps ZEE5 harness its customer data to form the backbone of their downstream customer analysis, allowing them ​to offer better content and provide recommendations suited to the individual user’s interests. It is a privilege to work with ZEE5 and enable their business to thrive and grow as they bring innovative entertainment to life for their customers.”

CSG’s unified platform enables ZEE5 to leverage a 360-degree view of its 72.6 million active users to perform personalization at scale while delivering dynamic, cross-channel entertainment. The platform integrates first-, second- and third-party data, empowering ZEE5 to enrich its customer information and drive content-related decisions that create innovative streaming services. These insights lead ZEE5 to better customer engagement and retention metrics while uncovering opportunities to grow revenue.

“Access to synchronized, intelligent data is critical for ZEE5 to accelerate testing customer outreach strategies and optimize customer engagement,” said a ZEE5 spokesperson. “Working with CSG not only helps us convert complexity into customer-centric actions but positions us to lead in delivering personalized cross-channel streaming experiences across the fast-paced and ever-evolving Indian OTT market. With CSG’s agile data ecosystem, we can delight our customers and anticipate their content choices in a much sharper manner.”

With nearly 40 years of experience advancing customer experiences around the globe, CSG is known for making ordinary customer experiences extraordinary. CSG’s Customer Engagement suite of end-to-end capabilities manages more than 1.5 billion customer interactions every year and allows companies worldwide to engage with their customers at every touchpoint. The addition of Kitewheel in 2021 amplified CSG’s solution, creating a powerhouse, cloud-based engagement platform that orchestrates real-time, contextually relevant customer experiences for leading brands across multiple vertical markets.

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