Amino launches operator-ready RDK-V devices

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 
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Amino launches Operator Ready RDK-V to Simplify Video Service Innovation

UK — Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, announced today that it has become an RDK Video Accelerator (RDK-VA) member and now has RDK-V devices and software systems ready for deployment. The first device to receive RDK-VA certification will be the R180.

The R180 is one of the first devices to be powered by RDK on the next-generation Amlogic X4 SoC chip. By integrating the advanced AminoOS software with RDK-V, Amino has given operators a simple way to benefit from the pre-certified OTT services and standards available through RDK without costly and time consuming bespoke integrations. The R180 also marks a significant step forward in sustainability with the use of 100% recycled plastic, plant-based glues and ink and minimal packaging when being shipped. Amino have always met regulatory standards for efficiency and sustainability but our objective is now to optimise our products to exceed the minimum requirements set by regulators.

“RDK is increasingly important for operators looking to provide linear TV combined with advanced streaming services and apps,” said Aferian Group CEO, Donald McGarva. “RDK has a huge installed base, and the investment made by large tier-1 operators means that RDK is now a powerful and cost-efficient route for operators launching advanced video services. As an RDK Video Accelerator member, I look forward to our advanced software powering devices that enable operators, whatever their size, to delight customers by driving innovation and service differentiation through RDK.”

“The combination of AminoOS and RDK-V enables operators to take a ‘best of both worlds’ approach, by combining live and catch-up TV, VoD and streaming apps through their own branded UI,” said Jonny McKee, VP of Product Management & Customer Support, Amino. “In the past, deploying RDK was a significant undertaking, restricted to the largest operators with their own engineering teams. By combining RDK and the Video Accelerator program with AminoOS, we have produced a packaged solution which allows much smaller operators to take advantage of the community’s investment in RDK without significant upfront integration. AminoOS is now an ‘operator ready’ RDK software environment that has all the power and flexibility to ensure that operators can be successful both financially and creatively.”

RDK: The Amino Advantage

Amino has been enabling IP video delivery for over 20 years. It is now bringing this experience to RDK, through adding its expertise and advanced software solutions to enhance RDK-V, through:

  • As an RDK-VA member, our solutions will be certified and ready for deployment, eliminating complex RDK integration
  • AminoOS enables operators to simplify the process of delivering RDK-VA software updates
  • Support for existing AminoOS APIs enables legacy Amino device and software solutions to be upgraded to run RDK-V
  • The combination of RDK and AminoOS enables operators to launch premium OTT apps and App stores much more easily than previously possible
  • Amino Engage helps operators centralize device management, software and app updates and enhance customer care.

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