Foxxum CTV OS launches with El Araby Group on Mediatek SoCs

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 
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Brand New Foxxum CTV OS Launches with El Araby Group on Mediatek Chipset

KIEL, Germany — The innovator in cutting-edge smart TV solutions, Foxxum, acquires the Egyptian electronics manufacturer El Araby as its first client for the brand new Foxxum CTV OS on MediaTek chipsets.

The El Araby Group – one of the largest industrial and commercial corporations in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa – manufactures and markets a wide range of engineering products such as TVs, laptops, and audio systems among an array of other electronics and appliances from brands such as Sharp, Tornado, and Toshiba.

Through this collaboration, the Foxxum CTV OS will be available on El Araby’s smart TV devices as an additional option to their pre-existing TV line-up. The Foxxum CTV OS was deeply integrated into the underlying TV software from SoC manufacturer MediaTek. By adding a web-based layer, implemented on specially defined OS interfaces to display the TV functions on the UI, each TV function has been rebuilt and improved.

The result is a unified user interface that seamlessly combines TV functionality and connected TV features. Through this web-based approach, the management, customization, and update process of the OS is easier than ever before.

“We took a deep dive into MediaTek’s SoC hard- and software within the last 24 months and launched an amazing new Foxxum CTV OS on MediaTek technology. It runs entirely web-based to allow navigation of the entire CTV from one landing page, integrating linear broadcasting and streaming in one place. This enables our clients to support desired customization with much less engineering. In this way, Foxxum can provide a great growth and cost saving opportunity,” says Mehmet Eroglu, Chief Commercial Officer at Foxxum GmbH.

Foxxum’s CTV OS offers monetization opportunities through interactive and user-friendly ad experiences across the complete ecosystem. Furthermore, through Foxxum’s extensive portfolio, it allows customers to enjoy not just premium global applications but also a wide range of local content worldwide.

“Due to our long-standing cooperation with Foxxum, it was clear to us that we would like to be the first to add the new Foxxum CTV OS to our devices. We see great potential and are certain that the product will be a global success,” says Mohamed Negmeldin, QA Director at El Araby Group

“The Foxxum CTV OS technology makes it much easier to customize the look and feel of our customers’ brand identities and offers all our clients additional monetization opportunities through the integration of ad banners in the TV UI. We are delighted that our long-time customer and partner El Araby will be the first to launch the Foxxum CTV OS. Furthermore, we are excited to offer our customers a great alternative to Google TV, as requested by all our global customers and highly appreciated by all TV brands that are searching for protection against dominance by global tech giants,” says Dirk Wittenborg, President of Foxxum GmbH.

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