Vodafone TV 4K Pro set-top box launches in Spain

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 
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Vodafone launches the new digital home entertainment centre with ‘Vodafone TV 4K Pro’

  • The company introduces an ‘all-in-one’ set-top box, with audio designed by Bang & Olufsen, with advanced features such as a Dolby Atmos® sound speaker, 4K HDR picture, voice control for TV and V-Home solutions, and a built-in Amazon Alexa, among others.
  • This brand new device is set to offer the most premium, innovative user experience on the market, bringing together all of Vodafone TV’s movies and series, alongside other content such as sports, documentaries, music or children’s programmes, with HBO Spain, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin or ATRESplayer Premium as an added bonus.
  • Ignacio García-Legaz, director of Vodafone TV, highlighted that “at Vodafone TV, not only do we aggregate, editorialise and recommend the largest number of content items on the market, but also offer the most comprehensive, highest audio and video quality TV experience, making your TV set your entertainment hub for all your home video and music activities”.

MADRID — Vodafone today launched its new TV device under the name Vodafone TV 4K Pro, the new digital home’s entertainment hub. This strategic launch makes Vodafone Spain’s first operator to integrate cutting-edge technology in a single device, and leader both in quantity of contents delivered and user experience offered.

This new device is set to offer the market’s most premium, innovative user experience, aggregating all content and features in one single device, letting customers save costs and space by doing away with the need for additional external devices.

New digital home entertainment hub

This set-top box’s unique features make it the digital home’s entertainment hub, with one single device serving all the different purposes:

  • The decoder has its own built-in premium quality loudspeaker: with audio developed by the Danish company Bang & Olufsen, when used with a TV it sounds like a state-of- the-art, high definition soundbar. It can play Dolby Atmos sound, the immersive sound format used in most movies released in cinemas and offered on several video streaming apps. It includes 3 high-quality built-in speakers, along with an active and a passive subwoofer, strategically positioned to provide a unique acoustic experience and let viewers perceive premium quality immersive audio.
  • Vodafone TV can be voice-controlled through 4 built-in high-tech microphones located in the set’s top cover: giving customers the chance to discover a different way of interacting with Vodafone TV. Just like it works on other devices such as ÁTIKA, you can interact with Vodafone TV by using ‘Hello ÁTIKA’ commands to switch on/off the device, turn the volume up or down, navigate through menus, change channels, record, rewind, access apps such as HBO Spain, Amazon Prime Video, etc… Just a few examples: ‘Hello ÁTIKA. Turn on the Hollywood Channel’ / ‘Hello ÁTIKA. Fast forward 10 minutes’ / ‘Hello ÁTIKA. Go to HBO Spain’/ ‘Hello ÁTIKA. What’s on TNT tonight?’. It also features a physical button that lets you turn off the microphones and so ensure your privacy.
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa: Amazon Alexa’s features are also built into this device.
    • Music playback: by asking Alexa on streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify. The tariff includes 90 days’ Amazon Music Unlimited. For example: “Alexa, play rock on Amazon Music”.
    • Digital Household: voice control of all compatible and connected devices in the digital home, including V-Home solutions. For example: “Alexa, turn on the light”; “Alexa, activate my security sensor”.
    • Information: Alexa can give you the news, weather forecast or top sports scores. You can also ask for information like: “Alexa, how old’s Jennifer Aniston?”
    • Alarms, reminders and calendars: From alarm clocks and alarms, to viewing reminders and calendar events, Alexa takes care of the little things so you can focus on what really matters. For example: “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am”; “Alexa, show me my schedule; “Alexa, add an event tomorrow to my calendar”.
    • Cook and Shop: Follow and view recipes, set timers and restock your fridge with Alexa’s help. “Alexa, add cheese to my shopping list”; or else: “Alexa, buy decaff coffee from Amazon”.
    • Answers on the customer’s own TV screen.
  • 4K HDR picture quality, to provide optimal picture quality by adding a greater dynamic range of light and colours, bringing it closer to reality.
  • Wi-Fi 6 for a wireless connection, freeing customers from having to cable their set-top box to the router, because the wireless connection can provide 4K video quality.
  • It features Bluetooth 5.0, which allows user to playback audio sent from an external device, such as a mobile phone, emulating the behaviour of a conventional high-quality Bluetooth speaker.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth remote control to let customer voice-control the TV.

Sagemcom has manufactured this new device for Vodafone specifically. Sagemcom’s track- record includes having developed the advanced set-top boxes used for the Vodafone TV service both in Spain and in other countries, ensuring a perfect match for the service.

A strategic launch for Vodafone TV in Spain

Vodafone TV 4K Pro is part of the TV voice control strategy that the company started withd upon with the remote-control launch in January 2019, followed by the Átika smart speaker launch in November 2020. The new set-top box combines Átika capabilities and a set-top box in a single, smaller device, maintaining the design of its Red Dot Award-winning predecessors.

Vodafone TV 4K Pro is Vodafone’s highest-end set-top box, available to all convergent and fibre- only customers for a monthly fee of €5/month. The product will remain on offer alongside with all current devices, so customers can choose which device to use:

Vodafone TV 4K Pro €5/month
Vodafone TV 4K €3/month
Boxless Vodafone TV €0/month. In this format, customers can use their SmartTV, Fire TV Stick, Chromecast or other devices to access Vodafone TV.

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