SKY Brasil deploys Technicolor Android TV STBs with Google Assistant far-field voice

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 
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SKY Brasil and Technicolor Connected Home Deploy Google Assistant Far-Field Voice Activated Android TV Set-top Boxes

ATLANTA — Technicolor Connected Home and SKY Brasil announce the deployment of SKY Connect, a next generation set-top box (STB) that integrates Google Assistant far-field voice technology that allows subscribers in Brazil to navigate entertainment content on their TVs. The announcement is the latest development in the 15-year relationship between Technicolor Connected Home and SKY Brasil to deliver the latest customer-premises equipment (CPE) for the Brazilian market.

Technicolor SKY Brasil Android TV STB

“This deployment represents a giant step forward in giving Brazilian subscribers greater freedom and control over their home video and entertainment experiences. STBs with far-field voice enable subscribers to control their TVs and STBs without a remote control. They will be able to talk to their devices to seamlessly switch channels and choose their favorite movies, games, music and other information resources. It will also allow them to directly interact with Google Assistant,” says Brian Jentz, Vice President of the Video Product Unit at Technicolor.

This advanced generation of STBs represents a break with the proprietary single-function nature of CPE in the past. SKY Connect is a new multifunctional device that accommodates a full range of digital experiences — such as viewing in high dynamic range (HDR) during live events.

SKY offers Brazilian Consumers a Broader Range of Digital Experiences

To better address growing consumer demand for integrated content experiences, SKY Brasil is leveraging a ‘leapfrog’ strategy to incorporate the latest capabilities and features within the company’s portfolio of CPE.

“We believe SKY Connect and its far-field voice capabilities will provide an opportunity for Brazilian subscribers to enjoy an integrated digital home experience. The technology enables SKY Brasil to address current consumer needs as we anticipate emerging desires and develop plans for future services. The roll out of this STB is future evidence of our commitment to continue delivering joy and entertainment to our clients, in a complete Pay-TV experience”, says Andre Ribeiro, Marketing Vice-President of SKY Brasil.

The SKY Connect STB is built on the Android TV platform and includes a rich set of features. It is a hybrid solution that supports a wide array of broadband access technologies.

“Technicolor Connected Home and SKY Brasil have teamed up to develop the most integrated Android TV STB in the market. It supports both satellite and IPTV broadcast along with a full suite of OTT content,” says Jentz.

SKY Connect is a solution that is capable of meeting the sophisticated and nuanced demands of Brazilian subscribers regardless of how they receive their broadband connection to experience over-the-top applications such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube as well content developed and distributed locally.

“We chose an Android TV platform to provide subscribers with access to the latest applications whether it is the latest video entertainment content or gaming. The SKY Connect STB provides subscribers with access to more integrated digital experiences that are supported and backed by SKY Brasil’s renowned customer service”, concludes Ribeiro.

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