WideOrbit adds automated addressable ad replacement for live-streamed broadcasts

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 
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WideOrbit Introduces Automated Addressable Ad Replacement for Live-Streamed Broadcast TV Content

  • Latest release of WO Traffic helps local TV stations monetize streaming via OTT/CTV and NEXTGEN TV

SAN FRANCISCO — WideOrbit, the market leader in broadcast TV and radio inventory and revenue workflow management, today announced the latest release of WO Traffic, the company’s flagship broadcast media ad sales and commercial operations platform. Already the solid foundation from which US local TV and radio broadcasters manage, execute, and scale ad sales, the WO Traffic v22.0 release introduces the platform’s addressable ad replacement solution for live streams, to help stations and station groups generate new revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

WideOrbit remains committed to investing in their core product and working closely with customers to introduce features and enhancements that improve existing processes, finding innovative ways to help media companies navigate a rapidly changing industry landscape. The newest release of WO Traffic marks a significant milestone in the industry with the introduction of an addressable ad replacement solution that automates the replacement of broadcast spots on live streams with addressable ads.

Streaming via over-the-top and connected TV (OTT/CTV) now accounts for 24% of total TV consumption, up from 19% in 2019, and ad spend in 2022 will exceed $19B, a 32% increase over last year, according to Insider Intelligence. In addition, Nielsen’s 2022 Global Marketing Report found that 61% of North American marketers are planning to increase their OTT/CTV ad spend this year.

“WideOrbit has a long tradition of continuous innovation and investment in our clients’ success. We’re excited to introduce our addressable ad replacement solution with the release of WO Traffic v22.0,” says Will Offeman, WideOrbit Chief Product Officer. “Over 80% of our customers today are streaming their over-the-air content and addressable ad replacement will make it easier for them to take full advantage of revenue opportunities on the stream.”

WO Traffic’s addressable ad replacement solution enables a single playlist to be sent to both airtime (over the air) automation and streaming ad servers, with Spot and Material level data. As a result, broadcast spots on the live stream can either achieve extended reach or be replaced with addressable ads. The digital playout system uses data from WO Traffic to make dynamic ad replacement decisions at the Spot and/or Material level. By monetizing ads replaced on the stream, stations can maximize the revenue potential of live streaming their broadcast content via OTT/CTV, while also ensuring they’re fully prepared for the addressable capabilities of NEXTGEN TV (ATSC 3.0).

WO Traffic v22.0 additional features and enhancements include:

  • Efficiency improvements to the Electronic Material Instructions module, based on customer feedback
  • An all-new application area for compiling and analyzing Instructions Sets across Material bundles, Advertisers, and Properties
  • The ability to exclude Agency Commission and/or Tax on Order Lines, allowing for commissionable, non-commissionable, taxable, and non-taxable lines on a single order​
  • Log efficiency enhancements, including an option for improved spot placement in swing breaks

WO Traffic v22.0 is now available for general release. Please contact WideOrbit for more information on how to upgrade your existing version or to learn more about WO Traffic.

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