AminoOS deployed to Vodafone Iceland’s legacy Samsung STBs

Thursday, June 30th, 2022 
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AminoOS deployed to upcycle Vodafone Iceland’s existing Samsung set-top boxes

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, has announced that it has completed a project with Vodafone Iceland to upcycle its existing Samsung set-top boxes (STBs).

Vodafone Iceland needed a software platform which could provide long term software support for its already deployed Samsung STBs as well as a source for new devices as required. Amino utilized its established upcycling methodology to migrate these boxes to AminoOS in the field, while retaining the existing Nagra conditional access. This is the second deployment of software from the group, as Vodafone Iceland was already running a multiscreen OTT video service powered by Amino’s sister company 24i.

AminoOS is a hardware-agnostic platform middleware that can be deployed across both new and – via upcycling – legacy devices. This gives operators mature device software that provides the relevant interfaces and subsystems for security, management, players and network integration – independent of the underlying hardware.

The AminoOS solution gives Vodafone Iceland a platform on which it can innovate and adopt advanced service features, benefitting from its roadmap that delivers customers a continual evolution of services that allows them to maximize their STB investment. The solution has been rolled out across Vodafone Iceland’s STBs. The complete solution includes Amino Engage, a SaaS platform for streamlining customer service and providing management tools designed to reduce operational costs.

“We are delighted that the proven quality of our solution and our ability to deliver a great service has led Vodafone Iceland to upcycle its devices with us. It is particularly pleasing that Vodafone was already running an OTT multi-device video platform from 24i, a sister company of Amino, further evidence that customers are increasingly choosing solutions from both companies,” said Amino CEO, Donald McGarva.

“AminoOS will provide Vodafone Iceland with the device agility necessary to keep its investment relevant to the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace. Our Engage solution will also help Vodafone to reduce support costs and device lifecycle management – dramatically reducing the timescales of rolling out upgrades and new advanced services,” concluded McGarva.

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