YuppTV launches cloud playout solution

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 
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YuppTV Launches “Janya” Cloud Playout, A Disruptive Solution In The TV Industry

HYDERABAD, India — YuppTV, an over-the-top South Asian content provider, announced the launch of Janya, a cloud-based playout solution. Janya is a disruptive solution to provide live TV and on demand playout infrastructure on cloud.

Janya’s Cloud playout solution enables any broadcasters such as News, Entertainment or Sports Channels have the opportunity to immediately set up channels on the cloud-based platform, enabling access to a larger audience without upfront capital investment, limited resources and operations. With the evolution and growth of OTT, Janya cloud playout solution enables broadcasters to be compatible with the OTT platforms and monetize through advertising with the implementation of SCTE-35 markers.

The current market for Live TV and on-demand video content is driven by hyperlocal content curated according to mass consumption. Janya addresses the hyperlocal requirements to create multiple channels with a low-cost but efficient setup. Leveraging Janya’s Multi-Channel set-up and Ad-Monetization Capabilities, broadcasters will be able to launch channels on FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) networks through Janya’s cloud playout infrastructure.

Janya’s Cloud Playout infrastructure also provides other innovative and interesting features such as interactive polls and graphics, cloud-based video editing, live debates and live events.

Speaking on Janya’s launch, Uday Reddy, Founder & CEO YuppTV, Janya said, “Video Content production and distribution is witnessing a transformative phase in the present age. With the introduction of a cloud-based playout, OTTs, news, sports and entertainment channels have an opportunity like never before. Janya allows various video content providers a platform to reach out to a larger audience, leveraging its technology to cater to the hyperlocal needs of masses, creating new avenues for revenue generation through advertisements and more, all without the hassle of upfront capital investments, enabling multi-channel opportunities for broadcasters.”

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