InterDigital to show wireless, video, and AI/ML innovations at MWC 2023

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 
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InterDigital To Demonstrate Wireless, Video, and AI/ML Innovation Shaping Connected Ecosystems at Mobile World Congress

  • InterDigital to showcase AI/ML-enhanced wireless XR use case, HDR and immersive video solutions, and speak on “5G, AI, and XR for New Immersive Experiences” conference session

WILMINGTON, Del. — The connected ecosystems of today and the future are all underpinned by wireless and video technologies that make virtual experiences seamless, immersive, and realistic. InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDCC), a mobile and video technology research and development company, today announced the innovative technologies, solutions, and perspectives they will showcase at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona and detail how their suite of technologies help shape the foundation for a future of connected devices, spaces, and ecosystems.

Located at Hall 7 Stand 7B31, InterDigital will showcase their cutting-edge research and industry collaborations that leverage AI/ML to enhance wireless network behaviors beyond 5G to enable bandwidth and latency required for immersive use cases, provide rendering and delivery solutions for high quality HDR content, and shape standards for immersive and sensory-enhanced video experiences.

“We are excited to return to Mobile World Congress to showcase the inventions, research collaborations, and standards contributions that define InterDigital’s innovation impact and bring us all closer to an exciting future of immersive and connected experiences,” said InterDigital Chief Technology Officer Rajesh Pankaj. “InterDigital continues to lead innovation in foundational wireless technologies and video codecs and pioneer research in the ways AI/ML can be applied to critical network components to better enable the myriad devices, services, and experiences that comprise the connected ecosystems of today and tomorrow.”

InterDigital’s presence at Mobile World Congress 2023 spotlights the critical innovations in video and wireless, with the complement of AI/ML, that enable exciting and immersive connected ecosystems and experiences:

  • Smarter UE and Network Behaviors for 5G and Beyond Applications – InterDigital will demonstrate innovative solutions that leverage AI/ML to enhance 5G networks and improve user experience under radio link degradation. Demonstrating how InterDigital’s enhancements help overcome adverse network conditions that affect user experiences, visitors are invited to conduct a real-time XR task over an enhanced and emulated 5G network, provided by Anritsu, by remotely and seamlessly controlling a robotic arm via live video feed.
  • Immersive Codecs Enabling Future XR Experiences – InterDigital’s contributions to MPEG Immersive codecs are integral to future XR experiences. Bandwidth-heavy video-based volumetric content can be seamlessly and efficiently streamed over an enhanced 5G network using open video standards like video point cloud compression (V-PCC) and can enable sensory-enhanced experiences with the MPEG-Haptics standard.
  • Ensuring Quality Streaming and Rendering for 4K HDR Video – High-quality video content is a critical component of realistic, immersive virtual ecosystems. Alongside contributions to MPEG standards, InterDigital will showcase how our video expertise in VVC and SL-HDR technology helps deliver the highest streaming and rendering quality for 4K HDR video.
  • Encouraging Seamless Digital Representation for Connected Communications – One of InterDigital’s innovation efforts is to support a single virtual representation of users in any connected environment. InterDigital engineers will showcase their contributions to disruptive avatar-related technologies and standards, including MPEG’s 3D reference model for a humanoid avatar.

Alongside the diverse demo showcase, InterDigital’s Head of Wireless Labs Milind Kulkarni will be a featured speaker on the Mobile World Congress “5G, AI, and XR for New Immersive Experiences” conference session. Taking place on Stage C on Wednesday March 1 from 1:15 – 2:15pm CET, experts from InterDigital, Ericsson, Qualcomm, and others will outline the technologies and innovations in AI/ML, 5G and beyond, and XR to shape a new frontier of immersive experiences.

You can visit InterDigital at Mobile World Congress Barcelona at Hall 7 Booth 7B31.

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