willy.tel and wilhelm.tel select ocilion's IPTV solution

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 
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willy.tel and wilhelm.tel trust in ocilion.

With willy.tel and wilhelm.tel, the two leading network operators in the Hamburg metropolitan region have decided to expand their existing TV offering with their own IPTV product. The IPTV products are implemented based on ocilion’s white-labeled cloud solution, which is individually adapted to the needs of both companies. With the compact P510 4K Set Top Box, first and second screen apps, an intuitive user interface and a tailor-made range of functions and content, willy.tel and wilhelm.tel put together a comprehensive TV range for private households and the housing industry alike. Both providers will launch their respective IPTV products in the course of the year.

willy.tel GmbH is a medium-sized family company based in Hamburg, which was originally founded as a network operator under the name Thiele Kommunikationstechnik GmbH in 1990 and was renamed willy.tel in 2008. willy.tel is known in Hamburg as a “fiber optic pioneer” from the very beginning. The expansion of the fiber optic network began as early as 2005, in the days of copper technology. As a full-service provider, willy.tel GmbH supplies more than 150,000 households in and around Hamburg with TV, Internet, telephony and mobile communications with its own fiber optic network, which is currently around 2,500 kilometers long, and is the preferred provider for the housing industry.

Bernd Thielk, CEO willy.tel: “Since 1960, when there was only one television program, we have been accompanying the development of television – from antenna systems, satellite reception, various infrastructures to fiber optics. It is therefore the logical next step for our customers to now also offer an IPTV product with many additional functions that rounds off our complete package. We look forward to working with ocilion, which is also a family-run, medium-sized company and is an ideal partner for us.”

Founded in 1999, wilhelm.tel GmbH is regarded nationwide as a pioneer among operators of high-performance fiber optic networks. From the very beginning, the company has consistently pursued the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) strategy. The approximately 3,300 kilometer fiber optic network has long since passed the city limits of the home market of Norderstedt. wilhelm.tel regularly sets new standards nationwide with forward-looking technology and products and services that are precisely tailored to customer needs.

Arne Mietzner, CEO of wilhelm.tel: “With our IPTV offering based on the ocilion platform, we are taking into account the changing consumer habits of an increasingly digitized and mobile society. Of course in the product quality our customers are used to and expect.”

Hans Kühberger, CEO ocilion: “With willy.tel and wilhelm.tel we were able to inspire two large and well-known network operators for our IPTV platform. Both providers are expanding their product range to include IPTV as their television product of the future and are relying on our cloud solution. Thanks to the flexibility of the service, they can serve both their end customer households and the housing industry – with an upselling option. So you have the tailor-made product in your portfolio for every application scenario – completely in your brand.”

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