Deltatre introduces integrated streaming platform

Thursday, September 14th, 2023 
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Deltatre Announces D3 VOLT: Introducing a Robust Integrated Streaming Platform That Is Built to Flex

  • Unifying nearly four decades of specialist media and sport tech know-how, this comprehensive new platform redefines monetization opportunities and elevates the standard of features and flexibility available to new and existing direct-to-consumer streaming and digital providers

LONDON, UK — Deltatre, the global leader in OTT, digital and data technology, today announced the launch of D3 VOLT, a new integrated streaming platform for both established streaming operators and new entrants to the market. It offers fully native reference apps across web, mobile, tablet, TV, set-top box and game consoles, as well as new levels of functionality spanning acquisition, packaging, encoding, security, distribution, content management and playback.

D3 VOLT integrates several award-winning Deltatre products, including AXIS, the pioneering UX product to configure streaming services, DIVA, the proven video player for rich user interactivity, and FORGE, the highly scalable CMS for the world’s biggest names, with chosen partners to create end-to-end streaming and digital platforms.

Presenting the ability to launch in as little as 90 days, it simplifies operational complexity and eliminates the need for changing technology suppliers as services grow.

The platform has been architected in a modular way to be easily deployed and configured into existing eco-systems. It contains enterprise-grade business service integrations, allowing for seamless coordination of intricate processes such as access management, advertising, business operations, and media rights handling, essential for modern streaming platforms.

Deltatre’s clients using the D3 VOLT platform benefit from the ability to monetize their audiences by integrating with best of breed suppliers, tools and partners that provide fan engagement, marketing, advertising, payment and analytics features.

Andrea Marini, CEO, Deltatre, said: “D3 VOLT is the result of years of experience working with the biggest names in the market. It is the first platform to be so flexible it can launch new streaming services and grow with them while scaling up the user base and adding substantial new functionality without major revamps. It has a strong focus on monetization and possesses a unique capacity to also migrate and underpin even the most complex existing OTT platforms that are ready to upgrade and move to the next level. Understanding the history of our sectors means I’m confident in saying that what this Integrated Streaming Platform brings today represents the future of streaming.”

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