VIZIO delivers faster Smart TV loading and navigation

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023 
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VIZIO Delivers Faster Loading, Navigation Experience with VIZIO Home Enhancement

  • Streaming content on VIZIO’s latest Quantum Pro 4K QLED Smart TVs just got even faster, with enhancements designed to make navigation, loading and content discovery more seamless

IRVINE, Calif. — VIZIO (NYSE: VZIO) has introduced a reimagined VIZIO Home software update across all current models in its lineup of Smart TVs, inclusive of the latest Quantum Pro 4K QLED Smart TV models. The update, featuring faster power on, smoother, better responsiveness and improved voice and text search[1], is powered by VIZIO’s powerful and innovative cloud-based architecture that delivers a faster, more intuitive and more personalized experience for VIZIO Smart TV users.

With a 2X faster power-on experience and faster switching between your favorite apps[1], viewers can hop between their favorite streaming content with greater ease than ever before. VIZIO Smart TV users can not only get to their content quicker, but they can experience it in brilliant and stunning color.

“VIZIO is synonymous with innovation. We are leveraging more than 20 years of TV experience to provide users with value, beyond the initial point of purchase, creating an ever-evolving home entertainment experience,” said Steve Yum, VP of Product Management at VIZIO. “Our commitment to delivering the latest and greatest technology remains unwavering as we introduce the new VIZIO Home to users, and we look forward to them experiencing a faster and more responsive platform in the comforts of their homes.”

Notable enhancements to VIZIO Home include:

  • Instant Loading: Viewers can expect to jump straight into their favorite content without interruption or prolonged loading of applications. Even powering on your VIZIO TV has gotten faster – up to 2X faster[1].
  • Seamless Navigation: With new left-side navigation and hierarchy sorting, browsing for content is quicker, with more responsive controls offering an effortless navigation experience.
  • Rapid Content Discovery: Spend less time searching and more time binging content, with faster recommendations and search results in both voice and text formats.
  • Effortless Multitasking: Moving between apps no longer has to slow down your viewing experience – with improved speeds and performance, switching from one app to another is now faster1 with VIZIO Home.

In addition to a history of speed and performance advancements, VIZIO continues to innovate in the TV industry with the latest Quantum Pro Smart TV series. This addition to the VIZIO lineup ushers in a new era of color and brilliance, delivering a premium picture from every angle. The Quantum Pro’s wide viewing angle and anti-reflective film allow viewers to experience all the action in stunning contrast and brightness – up to 1,000 nits peak brightness – no matter where they’re sitting and in bright environments. With the ability to express over 1 billion colors using Quantum Dot technology, combined with active full array local dimming for brighter brights and deeper darks, every scene that comes across the Quantum Pro screen appears true-to-life.

With superior connectivity and unbeatable gaming features, including AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification, the Quantum Pro takes the home entertainment experience to new heights. Up to 120fps in 4K or 240fps in 1080p allows serious gamers to play their favorite titles as intended, and with WiFi 6E-enabled connectivity, gamers can worry less about potential interruption and lag when game streaming and focus more on the content in front of them.

1. Disclaimer: Your performance improvements will vary depending on several environmental factors such as Internet service provider bandwidth speeds and Wi-Fi signal strength. Performance improvements will also vary depending on your TV model, current firmware version and version of firmware you will be upgrading to. Software updates to improve performance will be pushed in the coming months to all 2021 and newer model year VIZIO TVs and select TVs from the 2020 model year. Performance measurements above apply to VIZIO HD D-Series and Full HD D-Series models, which saw the biggest improvements from the update, comparing firmware versions before and after November 2023.

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