TVMonaco partners with SES to launch new HD channel

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 
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Monaco’s Public Broadcaster Partners with SES to Launch New HD Channel

  • New HD channel focused on Monaco news, environment, sports and lifestyle set to reach millions of TV homes across Europe, Middle East and North Africa

LUXEMBOURG — TVMonaco, the state-owned public broadcaster of the Principality of Monaco, signed a multi-year agreement with SES S.A. to launch and distribute its new HD channel to millions of homes across Europe from SES’s prime TV neighbourhood at 19.2 degrees East as well as to Middle East and North Africa from MonacoSat-1 at 52 degrees East.

TVMonaco delivers high-quality news, sports, talk shows, documentaries and other programming. The channel is designed to be a global broadcast platform with news and information promoting tourism and innovations in Monaco as well as to showcase Monégasque culture.

“With its hybrid network and prime satellite locations, SES is the ideal partner to help us deliver the best of Monaco’s economy, culture and lifestyle to viewers across Europe, Middle East and North Africa and eventually to the rest of the world,” said Nathalie Biancolli, CEO of TVMonaco.

“As a new customer, TVMonaco is tapping into our long history of helping public broadcasters expand into international markets to grow their foreign audience and bolster their home country’s profile on the global stage,” said Norbert Hölzle, Global Head of Media at SES. “Soon viewers in Europe, Middle East and North Africa will have access to the latest news and information about Monaco as a place to do business, visit on holiday or learn about its unique culture.”

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