Tolka and Amlogic partner on software for ATSC 3.0 TVs and STBs

Friday, April 12th, 2024 
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Tolka and Amlogic Partner in Development of Advanced TVs and STBs

  • Latest-generation Amlogic mobile receivers and set-top boxes will provide support for Android 14, Google TV, NextGen TV and A3SA Security

ATLANTA, GA — Amlogic, a globally active producer of integrated circuit semiconductors, has chosen Tolka Telecommunications as its technology partner in the development of television receivers and set-top boxes with a wide range of new features.

“The products we are creating in partnership with Tolka will allow free-to-air ATSC 3.0 TV transmissions and distance-learning services to be experienced on Android or Linux compatible household receivers, STBs, in-car receivers, mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop and mobile computers,” says James Xie, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Strategy at Amlogic. “Tolka’s expertise in this technology sector will support us to offer solutions combining high signal quality and great operational versatility. Tolka’s industry-proven ATSC 3.0 Stack within the AML chipset will ensure full support for Android 14’s integrated TV Interactive Application Framework (TIAF) architecture.”

TIAF is a framework enabling interactive apps from live TV broadcasts to work in the TIF and Live TV app. It allows HbbTV (hybrid broadcast broadband TV), ATSC 3.0 broadcaster apps or Ginga apps to interact with Android 14 Live TV apps so that vendors can produce devices for different regions with different standards. The Amlogic receivers will also add support for capturing Ultra HDR compressed images using the JPEG_R image format. The new architecture format is also compatible with legacy standard dynamic range JPEG.

“Our market-proven Tolka ATSC 3.0 Stack software modules allow us to develop TV and STB products compatible with latest-generation smart TV operating systems such as Android 14 as well as certification for the Google TV streaming platform, NextGen TV and A3SA security, ” adds Alex Day, Tolka’s Vice President of Business Development. “Tolka products have been featured on well-known platforms such as Google, Roku, Samsung and Sony. Each development commission begins with planning discussions to establish the exact challenges which the customer is facing. Having determined the features required and operating platforms to be supported, the Tolka team then creates a prototype user interface and operating workflow. Once the preliminaries are confirmed with the customer, the result is soon ready for preflight testing and completion. Support for future mobile phone standards is always available.”

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