Interactive TV news channel unveiled by ROXi and Sinclair

Monday, April 15th, 2024 
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A Revolution in Broadcast TV News – World’s first Interactive TV News Channel unveiled today by ROXi and Sinclair

  • Unveiled today at NAB 2024: 3 News Interactive Las Vegas, a live demo of what the future of local TV News will look like and America’s first ever Interactive TV News Channel.
  • A TikTok-style Interactive TV experience for local TV news broadcasts.
  • ROXi’s award-winning FastStream technology allows existing local TV news organisations to create interactive versions of their Broadcast TV News Channels where viewers can Pause, Play and Skip news segments – instantly without need to ever download an App.
  • New format makes Broadcast TV compelling and attractive to a younger consumer again and builds demand for NEXTGEN TV devices.
  • See the live demo at ROXi Demo Booth, NAB Futures Park – Las Vegas Convention Centre, West Hall, booth W4015.

LAS VEGAS — Unveiled today at NAB 2024: 3 News Interactive Las Vegas, a demo of what the future of local TV News will look like – and America’s first ever Interactive TV News Channel.

Powered by ROXi’s innovative new FastStream technology in partnership with Sinclair Inc, 3 News Interactive Las Vegas has all the interactive features of a downloadable TV app without the need to download or launch an App on the TV, all delivered over Broadcast TV thanks to FastStream and NEXTGEN TV.

Interactive local TV news for the Tik Tok generation

ROXi Faststream - Interactive TV news screen in living room

Unlike traditional TV news broadcasts, the new Interactive Local TV News Channel always starts at the beginning of the program with the latest headlines, no matter when a viewer tunes in.

Viewers can skip any segment of the news that have no interest in, or jump directly to Headlines, National News, Local News, Investigate and Local Weather segments.

Content includes Sinclair Inc.’s local TV news station Las Vegas 3 CW and news syndicated from The National Desk combining news from local Sinclair news stations across the US into one news national feed.

Unlike traditional linear Broadcast TV News Channels, viewers can Pause, Play and Skip through the news items, Tik Tok-style.

Rob Lewis, ROXi CEO said, “This is the world’s first Interactive Local TV News Channel delivered in partnership with Sinclair Inc on NextGen TV and it represents the future of local TV news. With our FastStream technology, we’ve created the first Local TV News Channel that’s made for the TikTok generation.”

ROXi Faststream - Family watching interactive TV news in living room

Skip Flenniken, Sinclair’s VP & GM Technology Business Development who partners closely with ROXi on the new FastStream-powered Interactive TV Channel experiences commented, “This new FastStream powered local TV News experience showcases the full interactive capabilities of NextGen TV and shows how broadcasters can deliver exciting new services into homes across the US.”

ROXi’s Rob Lewis added, “Local TV news has been a core part of American life for more than 75 years with over 800 local News Channels now broadcast daily to TV viewers. Despite this, linear delivery of news content by TV Broadcasters has remained largely the same for three quarters of a century, even though the way viewers consume news media has evolved with technological advances.

The generation of consumers have been brought up with YouTube and TikTok in their pocket want to control their Broadcast TV viewing experience interactively and FastStream powered local TV News Channels on NEXTGEN TV gives broadcasters the capability to deliver on this expectation, as well as accelerate demand for NEXTGEN TV televisions.”

ROXi to preview Interactive News Channel at NAB Las Vegas 2024

ROXi will host private previews of this revolutionary interactive Local TV News Channel at NAB in Las Vegas at the ROXi booth at the NAB Futures Park, Las Vegas Convention Centre, West Hall, ROXi booth W4015. Please contact Tim Hadley (details below) for a personal demo / briefing or please make yourself known at the booth.

* Pew Research: Local TV News Fact Sheet: September 2023: Revenue for the 842 local TV stations defined as “news-producing stations” (stations that have a news director and are viable, commercial and are English-language affiliates in the U.S.) was $16.9 billion, according to the BIA Advisory Services database.

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