Jungo Fast Channel Switching Solution to Deliver Enhanced IPTV User Experience

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
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  • Jungo’s new software helps IPTV providers offer subscribers a user-friendly channel-switching experience that matches cable and satellite
  • Jungo’s OpenRG™ solution enables fast channel changing without sacrificing picture quality
  • Patent-pending software operates with any off-the-shelf IPTV Set-Top Box (STB)

SAN JOSE — Broadband World Forum Europe, Brussels Expo, Booth #143 — Jungo Ltd, an NDS Group (NASDAQ: NNDS) company and a leading provider of software solutions for residential gateways, today announced that its OpenRG™ residential gateway software now supports a patent-pending, fast channel-switching feature. This solution enables service providers to enhance consumers’ IPTV experience by improving the channel-switching performance of broadband access equipment.

Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) is critical to the success of an IPTV service. While there are many factors affecting IPTV service quality – such as picture quality, transport and reliability – a key QoE element is how quickly and reliably subscribers can change TV channels.

Subscribers expect switching between hundreds of channels to be smooth and fast. However, in reality, IPTV users often experience slow response times, and sub-standard picture quality, further affected by pixelation. These problems tend to increase in homes with multiple STBs.

A channel switching delay of under two seconds is considered acceptable to users. Jungo’s new technology removes channel-switching overheads by employing an innovative mix of tactics, including an enhancement of the regular IGMP Leave and Fast-Leave operations – otherwise known as ‘Aggressive Leave’ – the monitoring of available resources such as bandwidth and virtual circuits (VCs), and intelligent bandwidth usage assumptions. The new solution from Jungo can be used on any off-the-shelf STB.

OpenRG, Jungo’s complete residential gateway solution, helps service providers to successfully introduce and grow triple play services. By reducing channel switching time across their networks, IPTV service providers can be more confident that they will meet the expectations of their subscribers. Arik Gilad, Jungo’s Chief Technology Officer, commented: “Channel switching time is a major issue in the IPTV industry. Jungo is pleased to be able to offer operators a solution that will deliver an enhanced experience to users, and therefore help service providers to grow their businesses.”

About OpenRG™

Jungo’s OpenRG™ software for residential gateways enables delivery of innovative, usable and manageable value-added services to the evolving digital home, while minimizing the operator’s support cost and VAS time-to-market. OpenRG supports all popular home networks and access networks, and includes high-performance feature-rich VAS enablers, such as QoS, VoIP, Firewall and Remote management, as well as a growing set of value-added services. Millions of Jungo-based gateways are deployed worldwide. Operators deploying Jungo-powered gateways can rapidly and easily introduce new value added services that drive revenues and increase ARPU.