Record demand for Com Hem's HDTV service

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
Com Hem logo

Since August 2008, when Com Hem launched its marketing campaign for high-definition, 60 percent of digital-television customers have opted for HDTV. Com Hem expects a doubling of the number of HDTV customers by the end of the year.

Com Hem’s HD channels:

SVT HD             Discovery HD 
Voom HD            Tv4 HD 
Eurosport HD       National Geographic Channel HD 
Canal+ Film HD     Canal+ Sport HD
Viasat Sport HD    TV1000 HD

Com Hem has about 430,000 digital TV customers. The interest in HDTV has risen with the increasing number of television channels broadcast in HD format and the increasing number of Swedish households with a flat panel TV that is HD-ready — according to the latest quarterly report from IT Research, there are now over 1.5 million households that have an HD-ready television.