Voice, Internet and Television - all-in-one via T-Home Macedonia

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje has announced the introduction of IPTV (television via Internet protocol) service in Macedonia. Within the product portfolio, the IPTV service is branded as MaxTV. This service will be offered in a package together with Internet and fixed telephony. This triple play package will be marketed as 3Max.

At today’s press conference at the Holiday Inn Hotel, the Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom, Mr. Nikolai Beckers, emphasized that with the introduction of the MaxTV service, Macedonia, via the T-Home brand, will enjoy all the product and benefits as a latest state of the art technology. “We are a part of the large T family and we are proud to be the first company in Macedonia which is bringing this type of digital technology to Macedonian citizens. MaxTV shall truly bring the world into the homes of our customers and provide them with a completely new experience, superior quality, as well as many additional options which standard television is incapable to offer.”

The T-Home customers shall get the basic telecommunication service (voice and Internet), as well as television, in one place, on the same bill, with one support and maintenance point.

By means of the 3 Max service, the customers shall be able to enjoy various multimedia and interactive television and video contents with a much better quality of the TV signal.

This television offers a unique possibility for recording the programmes while the customer is not at home, pausing the programmes during live broadcasts, rewinding the programme being watched, etc.

The approximately 70 TV channels offered within the MaxTV packages shall include Macedonian national and local channels, channels from the neighbouring countries, as well as foreign channels (including film, sports, music, children’s, informative, educational, entertainment, documentary channels…). The service shall provide a possibility for controlling and restricting the contents which are not suitable for children. This list of channels shall be enlarged continuously, by means of adding those programmes that are interesting for the customers.

3 Max package includes digital HD-ready personal video recorder with 160 GB memory as well as a wireless router.

The platform for providing the 3Max services is based on Microsoft solutions and a wide variety of well known vendors like Ericson and Alcatel.