DISH Network® to Integrate INVIDI Technologies for Addressable Television Advertising

Monday, November 10th, 2008
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DISH Network to deliver relevant and targeted advertisements

NEW YORK and ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — DISH Network Corporation (Nasdaq: DISH), the nation’s third largest pay-TV provider and the digital television leader, today announced an agreement with INVIDI Technologies to use INVIDI’s Advatar™ technology to deliver addressable, targeted national and local television advertising. Many of DISH Network’s advanced receivers support targeted advertising delivery, dynamic commercial insertion, and reporting on broadcast television and national programming networks.

DISH Network® will be among the first pay-TV providers utilizing INVIDI’s technology to sell addressable and targeted advertising according to specific household viewer geographic and demographic and other pre-determined viewer metrics. This revolutionary form of advertising is efficient, measurable and accountable to the advertiser while providing precise reach, frequency and separation of the commercial assets. INVIDI’s system complies with all privacy laws and the company’s privacy policy. Traditional satellite broadcast delivery is currently limited to all homes receiving the same commercials. DISH Network viewers will benefit from this new technology through the increased relevance of the advertisements they receive.

“We are at the beginning of the targeted advertising era, so the combination of INVIDI’s technology with DISH Network’s national distribution base is a great platform for national advertisers to reach their target audience with great precision and efficiency,” said Irwin Gotlieb, Global CEO for GroupM.

“DISH Network is focused on delivering relevant and measurable ads to the advertising community and continually looks for technological innovation that will deliver advertisers the best possible value,” said Michael Kelly, executive vice president for DISH Network. DISH Networks national footprint, set top box data and INVIDI Advatar™ technology will provide us with the ability to target any geographic or demographic footprint advertisers are interested in reaching to deliver their message with measurement and accountability.”

“We are tremendously excited about our new agreement with DISH Network,” said Dave Downey, CEO of INVIDI Technologies. “The ability to reach DISH Network’s national audience using our technology allows us to offer advertisers the best and most effective message delivery platform in the business.”

In December 2007, GroupM, a WPP company, invested in INVIDI Technologies Corporation recognizing INVIDI’s industry leadership position as inventors, software developers and patent holders of demographically-based targeted advertising technologies. GroupM intends to support and pioneer the use of this technology with INVIDI’s multi-channel video program distributors (MVPDs).