Vuclip Unveils New Personalized Mobile Video Search and Delivery Service

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
Vuclip logo

Formerly Known as, Vuclip Also Launches Vuclip Video API Program for Publishers

MILPITAS, Calif. — After spending a year in stealth mode as, Vuclip, the company that delivers online video to any phone anytime, today announced its completely redesigned consumer online and mobile services and the public availability of the Vuclip Video API Program for online publishers.

Vuclip’s redesigned Web- and wapsites make it easier than ever for users to search for and watch any Internet video on their mobile phones by adding social networking and other functionality to drive the discovery of new video content. In addition to having any video delivered to their phones whenever they want, users can now create playlists, receive alerts about new videos and share their favorite videos with friends.

“Users want to consume everything from first-run branded content to user-generated content but the mobile video viewing experience has been far too frustrating for it to become an everyday consumer activity,” said Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO of Vuclip. “Vuclip solves this problem by delivering video to mobile phones the way people want it, when they want it, wherever they are.”

The current growth and adoption rates for mobile video usage have been hampered by technological fragmentation in the marketplace as well as limited available content. Handsets have different screen sizes, media players and browsers. Network infrastructure varies among carriers. The availability of mobile video content is often limited by pre-encoding and storage issues. Vuclip addresses these fragmentation and content issues by allowing users to search for any Internet video, transcoding that video on the fly and optimizing it for each handset to ensure the best video viewing experience possible – all in real time. Vuclip works on more than 2000 handsets in 130 countries around the globe.

The Vuclip Video API Program enables publishers to leverage Vuclip’s technology platform to deliver their online video content to mobile users quickly and easily. The Vuclip API Partner Program offers:

  • Simple plug and play capabilities that require minimal developer resources;
  • Optimized video transcoding and delivery solutions across handsets and networks, like full-screen, high-resolution viewing for Blackberry users; and
  • Customized branding and other features, including language, display type and social networking functionality.

Publishers can choose from a full range of integrated solutions, from Vuclip’s simple online widget for sending Web video content to any mobile phone to its complete white label mobile video solution that is rebranded to each publisher’s specifications.

“As the provider of a free mobile media service, we looked at our options for delivering mobile video to Mippin users and it was clear to us that Vuclip was the right option because of the service’s universal compatibility with handsets and carriers,” said Judy Gibbons, Mippin CEO. “The Vuclip API is so easy to use that it took only a couple of days to do the end-to-end integration.”