Denmark - TDC launches 35 TV channels via broadband

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
TDC logo

Today, TDC (Copenhagen:TDC) inaugurates Denmark’s largest and most state-of-the-art interactive TV network. More than 1.6 million households will be able to link up directly to TDC TV via their broadband connection. TDC TV offers 35 TV channels, movie rental services, electronic TV guide etc.

“The new generation of TDC TV is one of TDC’s most important growth projects within broadband for many years. This is one example of how broadband will be playing a still greater role in our everyday lives in the future,” says Gert Rieder, President of TDC Residential.

TDC TV is in direct competition with traditional TV antennas and not least satellite discs.

“We deliver telephony, Internet, and TV through one and the same wall outlet. This is clearly the most user-friendly solution in the market because it is interactive and offers the possibility of e.g. renting movies. And you do not have to endure the sight of a satellite disc on the chimney or the balcony,” Gert Rieder says.

Among the new offers is a new Viasat channel package, built-in TV guide, digital recorder, pause feature, and rental of more than 200 movies to be seen whenever you feel like it. Moreover, the network is prepared for HDTV.

At the moment, approx. 65 percent of all Danish households can subscribe to TDC TV. At the turn of the year, the coverage rate will have reached approx. 70 percent, corresponding to some 1.8 million households.

Facts about TDC TV

  • TDC TV is based on broadband. Channels are distributed via the ordinary telecommunications network. The TV signal is transmitted as an independent “channel” in the broadband connection and is carried via a receiver box direct to an ordinary TV set through e.g. a SCART or HDMI socket.
  • Subscription to TDC TV requires subscription to TDC Broadband. Moreover, viewers must subscribe to a digital set-top box (TDC Digital Recorder) at DKK 69 per month.
  • TDC TV, including TDC Film (Video-on-Demand), comes in four different packages:
    • Basic (6 channels): DKK 109 per month
    • Basic + Family (22 channels): DKK 199 per month
    • Basic + Family (19 channels): DKK 396 per month