Tough competition in Swedish digital-TV market continues for Boxer

Thursday, April 16th, 2009
Boxer logo

As at 31 March, Boxer had 680,000 digital-TV subscribers. This figure applies to both Sweden and the new operation in Denmark. Overall, the number of customers in Sweden continues to fall as a result of increasing competition.

“The number of subscribers in the Swedish digital-TV market is not increasing. However, we are seeing customers buying more from us. Income per customer continues to increase. We are also investing heavily in expanding our operation in Denmark,” says Per Norman, CEO Boxer.

On 1 February, the operation in Denmark was ‘soft-started’ with a package offering nine channels which are broadcast across Jutland. 1 May will see the launch of the same programme package in the Copenhagen area. In November, in connection with the switch-off of the Danish analogue network, three transmitter networks (multiplexes) with space for over thirty channels will become available throughout Denmark.