ViXS Enables New Hitachi HD Flat Panel TVs with built-in HDD

Thursday, May 21st, 2009 
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World longest record time up to 8x for HD video recording

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc., a leading developer of video processing semiconductor solutions, announced today that the XCode® 3290, the world’s most advanced Video Processing System on a Chip (SoC) has been selected by Hitachi (Tokyo:6501; NYSE:HIT) to enable their latest generation of HD Flat Panel TVs featuring a built-in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for Personal Video Recording (PVR). This new line of HD Flat Panel TV Recorder products feature extended 8x HD record times, the world’s longest HD record time for a TV. The XCode® 3290 is included in fifteen new models available in the Japanese market: P50-XP03, P46-XP03, P42-XP03, P42-HP03, L42-XP03, L37-XP03, L32-WP03, UT47-XP800(B/W), UT42-XP800(B/W), UT37-XP800(B/W), and UT32-XP800(B/W).

In addition to featuring extended 8x HD record times, the new Hitachi HD Flat Panel TV Recorder products provide access to Marlin IPTV content and analog home media content recording for digital archiving. This new Hitachi Flat Panel TV line also acts as a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Server or a DLNA Client, allowing streaming to/from the TV and other popular off-the-shelf DLNA devices.

ViXS’s XCode® 3290 SoC functions incorporated in the Hitachi HD Flat Panel TV Recorder product line feature:

  • Full Linux Operating System (OS) with associated applications
  • PVR Stack with Recording, Time Shifting and Full Trick modes
  • Faster than Real-time HD MPEG2 to HD AVC Transcoding
  • Faster than Real-time HD AVC to HD AVC Transcoding
  • AVC & MPEG2 HD Decoding and Display
  • MPEG2 Encoding
  • Marlin IPTV with Conditional Access (CA)/Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • SAFIA Content Protection (CP)
  • DTCP/IP protection and DLNA support
  • Transcryption for conversion between CA’s, DRM’s and CP’s
  • Full BCAS/ISDB-T support

“Hitachi has introduced a truly innovative and ground breaking HD Flat Panel TV Recorder product,” said Masanori Yoshino, General Manager Products Strategy, Strategic Sales & Marketing Division Hitachi, Ltd., Consumer Business Group. “The feature rich XCode® 3290 SoC with its transcoding technology has allowed Hitachi to launch a new class of Flat Panel TV Recorder products featuring the longest HD recording time on a TV while still maintaining the high video quality of the original HD broadcast stream.”

“Our XCode® 3290 is the most complete video processing SoC available on the market today, providing Hitachi with the largest HD video storage capacities for a Flat Panel TV Recorder product”, said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems. “The advanced SoC features of XCode® 3290 have allowed Hitachi to introduce a line of revolutionary Flat Panel TVs that are an important step towards the age of the digital living room.”