Pace to launch new HD set-top box to Viasat across Scandinavia

Monday, June 8th, 2009
Pace plc logo

SALTAIRE, West Yorkshire, UK — Viasat, part of Modern Times Group AP (OMX: MTGA, MTGB), the largest free-and pay-TV operator in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, has chosen to work with its long-term set-top box partner, Pace plc (LSE:PIC), to launch its next generation high definition (HD) receiver. The DS830NV set-top box is a key product in Viasat’s HD expansion plans and supports MPEG-2 as well as H.264 content. The DS830NV gives Viasat the full flexibility to roll-out HD services to its growing subscriber base across multiple countries.

Roll-out of the new Pace set-top box will commence in Scandinavia from June 2009. The DS830NV set-top box incorporates NDS conditional access and MediaHighway middleware and comes with an ethernet port to enable the delivery of content over IP. The unit also has a multi-language user interface making it suitable for deployment in Viasat’s other emerging markets.

Bartek Gudowski, CEO of Viasat Satellite Services AB said: “Pace has helped us to deploy advanced set-top boxes, including our first ever HD-PVR, for over six years and remains our sole provider of PVRs to-date. This latest deployment is especially important in that it helps us to deliver full HD capabilities to a larger number of subscribers in more regions. Designed for a highly competitive market, this HD box will help us to grow our business due to the increased functionality it provides together with the growing proportion of HDTV subscribers.”

The set-top box has an external power supply unit to reduce box size and provides a high level of technical design in a compact and stylish package. Its distinctive look has been created by the Pace Industrial Design team to reflect today’s trends in consumer electronics equipment and home interiors to give Viasat’s customers an all-round high quality experience.

“Pace specialises in designing best in class set-top boxes and the DS830NV is a very competitively priced solution for the capabilities it provides”, said Andrew Ward, Vice President of Sales, Pace. “The box has been specifically designed to meet Viasat’s customer’s needs as HD becomes a standard expectation in the Scandinavian region. We’re looking forward to helping Viasat push out innovative services both now and in the future through additional roll-out of innovative set-top box technology.”