Malta's GO hits 40,000 digital TV subscriber mark

Thursday, August 6th, 2009
GO p.l.c. logo

GO p.l.c. in Malta has hit and surpassed the 40,000 subscriber mark for its digital tv service with an increase of 10,000 customers in the last eight months. GO’s tv service is actively contributing to the company’s growth in all areas of business, and currently GO powers more than 465,000 communication services within the local market.

This makes GO the largest communications provider in Malta. In addition, GO was the first communications provider in Malta to offer quad-play – mobile, tv, fixed phone and internet, and the first to bundle all four services in one convenient package, Home Pack. This package, starting from €33 a month, has been very successful with thousands of families opting to secure their services with GO. Recently, GO launched Business Pack, which bundles all the communication needs of small and medium sized business into one package.

GO’s Chief Operations Officer Norbert Prihoda said that GO’s success in tv has been constant and ongoing: “Since we took over the tv business in 2007, we have witnessed an impressive growth in this area as more people want value for money, quality digital tv service. GO offers the best value in terms of content, with a wide selection of local and international channels to choose from, as well as service provision, offered through our state-of-the-art DTTV platform.”

Mr Prihoda added: “We thank our 40,000 tv customers for choosing GO. We offer them a wide selection of TV channels, backed by 24-hours-a-day support and customer care, from basic free-to-air channels to premium content including sports.”

Speaking about the growth in other areas of business, Mr Prihoda said that GO has seen a lot of loyalty from its customers: “This loyalty is crucial especially in a time when new entrants were entering the market, including the mobile telephony sector. Despite the increasing competition, we have managed to retain and grow our subscriber base.

“We power over 465,000 connections, covering mobile, tv, fixed phone and internet – thus making us the largest communications provider in Malta. Our dedication to constantly improve customer experience is key in keeping long term relationships with our customers based on best value, quality, innovation and trust,” Mr Prihoda said.