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Ghana to resume digital TV migration project
Mar 9, 2015 – The Commercial Division of Ghana's High Court has dismissed the interlocutory injunction filed by Startimes DTV Ghana to prevent the Ministry of Communications (MoC) from implementing its DTT roadmap following the termination of the previous contract with Starimes.
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SMART TV DTT launches in Ghana
May 12, 2010 – Ghana has become the first African country to have SMART TV, a new digital terrestrial television service. The service was launched by Next Generation Broadcasting AB (NGB) in collaboration with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) with commercial roll-out expected in the coming weeks.
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Ghana Launches Digital Terrestrial Television Pilot
Nov 3, 2008 – The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in partnership with Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB) has launched a digital television pilot project in Accra.
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