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Energy efficient set-top boxes saving hundreds of millions of dollars
Aug 28, 2014 – A new report released shows that the voluntary set-top box energy conservation agreement between the pay-TV industry, consumer electronics manufacturers and energy efficiency advocates has saved American consumers approximately $168 million in energy bills.
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U.S. Energy Dept., Pay TV industry and energy efficiency groups announce STB energy conservation agreement
Dec 23, 2013 – The U.S. Energy Department, NRDC, ACEEE, ASAP, CEA and the NCTA have announced non-regulatory energy efficiency standards for pay-TV set-top boxes that will result in energy savings for more than 90 million U.S. homes.
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CableLabs®-Energy Lab Tests Verify Significant Set-Top Power Savings from 'Light Sleep' Mode
Mar 19, 2012 – Digital set-top boxes being deployed by the U.S. cable industry this year are projected to offer energy savings of 20 percent or more when the devices shift into a new 'light sleep' mode, according to recent evaluations by CableLabs-Energy Lab.
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DVR, Cable and Satellite Boxes Waste $2 Billion of Electricity Every Year in U.S.
Jun 14, 2011 – NRDC and Ecos have found that in 2010 the electricity required to operate all U.S. set-top boxes resulted in 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and cost households more than $3 billion.
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