Chinese High-Definition Interactive Digital TV Leader Taps CopperGate for Low-Cost, Easy-to-Install EoC MDU Deployment

Monday, September 29th, 2008 

CopperGate HomePNA-Based Technology Deployed in Successful Shanghai iDTV Test Program

SHANGHAI, China — CopperGate Communications, the Everywire Home Networking Company™ today announced that The Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Broadband Technologies & Application (B-STAR) has selected HomePNA-based technology as its primary solution for its Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) interactive Digital TV (iDTV) test program in Shanghai, China. For high-definition interactive television business, based on CopperGate’s HomePNA technology, B-STAR’s test program can provide over 30 Mbps network bandwidth for each household.

Since the beginning of 2007, B-STAR has been using HomePNA-based technology to transform the cable TV network in Shanghai’s Jiading district. During this first phase of the project, B-STAR has connected over 10,000 residents with both broadband Internet access and iDTV services. Today, B-STAR is the industry leader in terms of bandwidth per user and the ability to provide iDTV value-added services compared to competitors of any size. Through B-STAR’s large-scale business application in the Jiading district in Shanghai, it has proven that CopperGate’s technology is a good solution for two-way cable TV network transformation.

“CopperGate’s HomePNA-based technology helped us upgrade the cable TV network into a low cost, high quality service in the Jiading district,” noted Harry Gao, technical vice president of B-STAR. “CopperGate’s technology also helped us provide high performance multicast services and other value-added interactive services quickly. Of equal importance, we received great support from CopperGate. They have been an outstanding partner.”

“Because HomePNA offers the highest network speeds over existing coax and telephone lines, it is fast becoming the home networking standard,” commented Gabi Hilevitz, CopperGate CEO. “CopperGate’s HomePNA-based technology has recently passed the test organized by SARFT (the state administration of radio film and television) in Beijing. B-STAR’s selection demonstrates how HomePNA-based technology provides the best results for MSOs deploying iDTV.”

B-STAR is using CopperGate’s HomePNA-based chipsets to deliver iDTV and broadband Internet access to apartment residents. The solution includes set-top boxes and masters that serve multiple apartments – all with HomePNA-based chipsets integrated into the devices. B-STAR initially expects to roll out to 100,000 apartments in Shanghai and expand to one million residences by 2010.

This is another pioneering development in CopperGate’s growth in China. Last year, CopperGate introduced its latest reference design for Chinese cable service providers who need high quality, low-cost provisioning of triple-play IP video, data, and voice services over existing cable connections to apartments in MDUs.