Cable & Wireless Partners with Move Networks to Offer IPTV Services Globally

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Partnership Will Enable High-Definition TV Service to Reach 38 Countries Using Existing Broadband Connections

LONDON & AMERICAN FORK, Utah — CWI, Cable & Wireless’ international full-service telecoms business, today announced that it has signed a partnership with U.S.-based Move Networks, a global provider of comprehensive “television over the Internet” solutions, paving the way for a roll-out of IP-based TV services across CWI’s global operations.

The partnership will allow each of CWI’s business units, operating in 38 countries, to offer a high-definition multichannel television service transmitted through its customers’ existing broadband connections. To date, it will be the world’s widest reaching IPTV partnership, with a potential geographic spread across each of the world’s major regions.

Move Networks will provide CWI with an end-to-end solution that enables the delivery of high-quality TV services over fixed-line (ADSL) networks on which CWI’s businesses provide broadband. Previous IPTV technologies required networks with high and guaranteed levels of bandwidth, which resulted in numerous IPTV ‘no-go’ zones where existing bandwidth is limited – such as in developing countries or in challenging geographies. By partnering with Move Networks, CWI will now have the capability to reach, scale and monetize its IPTV services to its customers.

Tony Rice, CEO at CWI said “At CWI we’re on a mission to provide our customers with innovative world-class services, no matter where they are. Up to now, delivering television over a broadband network has been costly and bandwidth intensive. Our partnership with Move Networks enables us to remove these obstacles and develop IPTV services across our portfolio. It is an excellent addition to the leading mobile, broadband and fixed-lines services we provide to our customers.”

Move Networks’ solution integrates middleware, content management, conditional access and back office systems to provide a multichannel, linear and on-demand television experience, with no buffering or stalling, to any broadband-connected device. And, through its existing partnerships with content providers such as ABC, ESPN, and Fox, Move Networks has created a monetization model for professional broadband video that includes subscriptions, targeted advertising and pay-TV content.

Roxanne Austin, CEO at Move Networks said “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with CWI and provide their customers with a comprehensive IPTV experience. Not only does Move Networks’ end-to-end solution offer the power and scalability that CWI seeks, but it also provides CWI with a cost effective way to deliver TV services to any device.”

Move Networks’ technology has been successfully trialled by CWI with customers receiving multichannel TV services through existing broadband connections. The service has network DVR/personal video recorder (PVR) features, such as pause and rewind of live TV and video-on-demand offerings. It transforms the offering available to broadband customers, as the PC becomes a digital TV, and is expected to drive broadband penetration and usage.

The service could be rolled out across CWI’s portfolio – a target audience of more than 7 million customers – providing customers with a video service to complement the existing fixed-line, mobile and broadband offered by the business units.

Move Networks technology could be deployed across any of CWI’s four operating businesses – the Caribbean (where it trades as LIME), Panama, Macau (where it trades as CTM) and Monaco & Islands. The partnership is for Move to work with CWI’s business units each to establish IP-based TV services in each of its 38 territories.