Nordija middleware for Caiway

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
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Third generation of middleware to be released in The Netherlands this month

Nordija A/S is now integrating the fokusOn3 IPTV platform with Dutch service provider Caiway’s back end systems. The fokusOn3 platform is an upgraded version of Caiway’s existing fokusOn platform and represents an extended cooperation between the two companies, facilitated by Dutch integration partner Divitel.

fokusOn3 is an open and dynamic IPTV middleware based on widgets, self contained and interactive applications to be deployed from a web based administration console. This gives the provider the flexibility to develop targeted information and individualized content to a variety of new as well as existing customer groups. This comes on top of the basic IPTV set-up with TV channels as well as Video on Demand (VoD) films and DVDs plus a range of interactive internet services such as music, gaming, education and e-commerce.

CEO Aart Verbree explains why fokusOn3 was a natural choice for Caiway: “As one of the major triple play providers in The Netherlands we saw this middleware as a unique possibility of accomodating market and customer trends in a very easy way. Easy because the middleware comes with a developer kit that allows us as well as our third party vendors to create custom made services through this dynamic yet standardised interface solution”.

“After we have evaluated several products, in our opinion the Nordija middle ware will be the most future proof product. It helps our customers to immediately respond to their market needs thanks to the widget structure of the middle ware. This means rapid product development for operators, against fair costs. For us, as a solutions provider for digital video systems in Europe, a product as fokusOn3 seamlessly integrates with our opinion to provide customized, future proof solutions”, says Hans Kornmann, CEO of Divitel.

“I am pleased that Caiway has chosen to be a first mover in the Dutch market with a truly flexible solution. The dynamic nature of the system enables individual and local services to support the right mix of Internet and TV content; services that we can assist Caiway in further developing in the future”, says Thomas Christensen, CEO of Nordija A/S.